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Vermont High School Sports Scores for Saturday, Sept. 17

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To report your score

Coaches or team representatives are asked to email to report results as soon as possible after the game. Please include your name/contact information.

► Contact Alex Abrami at follow him on twitter@aabrami5.

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coverage: Live scores, results and Week 3 updates

Women’s soccer

Essex 3, Rice 0

E: Hazel Frye 1G. Sarah Hall 1G. Courtney Frank 1G. Breya Montagu 1G. Elizabeth Moino 1G. Maddie Jordan and Kelsey Scanlon combined for 7 saves.

R: Sunshine Clark 11 Save.

Bar and Burton 1, Champlain Valley 1

BB: Antonia Levitas 1G. Abigail Kopech 17 saves.

CV: Chloë Pecor 1G. Emma Allaire 4 saves.

Note: Levitas’ early penalty kick gave the BBA a 1–0 halftime lead. With 5:37 left in regulation, Pecor equalized for hosts CVU.

Mount Mansfield 2, Spaulding 0

MM: Finley Barker 1G. Sophia Randall 1G. Samantha Alexander 8 saves.

S: Rebecca McKelvey 9 saves.

Notes: Barker scored from the penalty spot in the 4th minute and Randall tackled insurance in an unassisted tally 25 minutes into the second half.

Colchester 4, Mount Abraham 0

C: Eva Moore 3G. Paxton Brigante 1G, 1A. Natalie Abea 1A. Emily Thompson and Sarah Palmer are a shutout combination.

mississoi 3, oxbow 1

M: Destiny Pigeon 3G. Shanil Unwin 2 Save.

O: Abby Peavy 1G. Natalie Spear 10 saves.

Danville 1, Hazen 0

D: Eliza Abetti 1G. Huang Kaili 1A. Rear Clark 13 saves.

H: Ella Renault 10 saves.

Burlington 4, Milton 2

B: Brooks Deshaw 3G. Camryn Massie 1G. Elodie Deechi 1A. Rosie Parkinson 1A. Enya Alentzen 1A. Vivian Halladay 3 saves.