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Trump organization sues Kris Jenner's former business school for $1 million in rent - Commercial Observer

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companies associated with two reality TV stars, donald trump When chris jenneris in court over $1.04 million in unpaid rent.

trump organization sued Legacy Business Schoolwhose board was once chaired by Jenner, has not paid rent since January. trump tower According to the lawsuit filed on Friday, New York County Supreme Court.

The landlord claims he wants the court to order a “sheriff or marshal of New York City” to evict Legacy and has refused to hand over part of the 19th floor. 725 Fifth Avenue Even after the Trump Organization canceled the lease on July 6, according to filings.

(Disclosure: observer media Chairman Joseph Meyer am married to Nicole Kushner Meyersister of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.)

Legacy signed a 20-year lease at The tower fell in 2010 and was the first to fall $198,000 in rent arrears in 2020, washington post report.School investor reveals delinquency when suing Legacy founder Alessandro Nomellini Allegedly cheating them by acquiring an extra stake in the business. The company was able to pay Trump bills in October and November, but Trump claimed he hasn’t paid a dime since.

judgment I ordered the Nomelini Decommissioned Legacy and its Fifth Avenue office in April, and now Trump wants the same.It’s unclear if Legacy still operates outside of Trump Tower. seems to have expired.

Officials for Legacy were not immediately available for comment. European School of Economics, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A lawyer for the Trump Organization declined to comment.

The for-profit school opened in Trump Tower in 2016, with Jenner as the public face, charging about $105,000 a year in tuition and its First 100 people The Daily Beast reported a “special dinner” with Jenner herself.

But it soon came under scrutiny after the Daily Beast revealed that Legacy was merely a rebranding of the European School of Economics. – business New York State Department of Education He claimed to have obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree, illegally advertised, even though he was not licensed by the state.

Legacy was also the subject of a 2016 lawsuit from a former publicist Richard Rubenstein After Rubenstein claimed Legacy shorted him out A $57,000 unpaid invoice has been reported.jenner Dropped out in the same yearshe said she “didn’t get the time she needed” for the project, reported the International Business Times.

But the European School of Economics is no stranger to lawsuits, having been sued at least a dozen times for failing to pay its debts to various U.S. companies, reported Page Six.

Donald Trump, who led the Trump Organization until the 2016 presidential election, has had his fair share of legal battles. In 2018, a federal court approved $25 million settlement NBC reported, along with students who claimed they were duped by Trump and his now-shut-down Trump University.In addition, the New York Attorney General Letitia James open still image ongoing investigation In 2019, we debated whether the Trump Organization misled investors in the way it values ​​its assets.

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