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The 2nd Air Force rolled out its first thoughtful leadership education program for Air Force-wide military training leaders on August 16.

Taking inspiration from MTL throughout the technical training pipeline feedback, the DLE was designed with a planned leadership development program for military training instructors and academy military trainers in mind.

MSgt says: Kristen Jordan, 2nd Air Force MTL Capabilities Manager.

For both new and experienced leaders transitioning to the MTL Developmental Special Duty, this program offers 16 courses refined to the situations and stressors found on the job.

“They put in long hours, deal with very demanding situations, and face many unique challenges they are not used to, so they can start to experience burnout,” said Tech. Sergeant Nathan Little, 2nd Air Command MTL. “We are looking to help them overcome these challenges and develop resilience skills that will allow them to continue doing good work.”

Working with the Center for Character and Leadership Development, Second Air Force applied information received from MTL to arrange and make this program available virtually. The program is also expected to expand to technical training instructors.

“The benefit of having a DLE is because MTL is serving in DSD. So for leadership, it is an attribute that enables their soft skills, the ability to interact effectively with others. needs to be strengthened,” said Jordan. “We want to do the same for our instructors and continue to build programs to ensure that our people are cared for as they are cared for their people. increase.”

The program has been developed over a year with the goal of delving deeper into better ways to demonstrate leadership and become a balanced leader. Some courses include building cohesive teams, navigating interpersonal conflict, humility in leadership, and daring to lead.

“As a soldier, you not only provide the airmen with soft skills, but also serve as potential supervisors for their units when they return or even after they have completed their service,” said Little. increase. “We aim to give them better communication skills, make the teams they belong to stronger, and help them overcome any challenges.”

MTLs take courses during their 36-month tour, training to prepare the next generation of airmen.

Jordan said, “If you can’t communicate with your Airmen and your teammates, how are you going to build and strengthen your force?” Soldiers, non-commissioned officers and teammates need to know that they continue to serve a greater purpose.MTL Delegate Leadership Education is a step in the right direction for developing leaders of character.”