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Toxic Racial Tweets Should Disqualify Defense Education 'Diversity' Chief

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a A key Department of Defense education specialist made an overtly racist tweet that made it clear she should never have been hired for her job. not.

Last December, the Department of Defense Education Initiative, which conducts K-12 education for dependents of DoD personnel abroad, hired Kelisa Wing as its lead for “diversity, equity and inclusion.” American Her Military As her news reported, “Wing has been candid about her. [self-described] He “awakened” political views by co-authoring children’s books like “What is White Privilege?” “What does it mean to defend police funds?” and “What is anti-racism?”

Those books alone should have disqualified her for a policy job in the military.A political ideology with a racist agenda specifically protects all Americans regardless of race or creed For a Department of Defense dedicated to doing, K-12 education should not be the responsibility. To make matters worse, as Fox News reported on Sept. 13, Wing’s Twitter feed and public records are filled with objectively racist statements derogatoryly classifying white people in general. was included in With a record like that, she should never have been hired.

“I’m tired of these white folk,” she wrote.[T] His women actually had the CAUdacity to say black people can be racist too. ‘ Note that ‘CAUdacity’ is supposed to mean ‘white man’s audacity’. This is clearly synonymous with the true age-old belief that racial hatred is always wrong no matter who is involved in it.

Wing also seems to like the word “white” as an indicator of personality traits, writing: Where can I take a break from white nonsense for a while?”

According to Fox, her book states that “white people must ‘expend’ their privileges by becoming social justice activists.” Please think about

This is complete garbage.

Perhaps under the guise of fighting racism, Wing has repeatedly outspoken sweeping and derogatory generalizations about white people. In the name of her education, she advocates political training for young children to fight for a very narrow definition of “social justice.” This woman seems obsessed with race and is a committed ideologue. She is far from in a position where she can drive her teachers to imbue young minds with racial animosity towards others.

The very position of responsibility for diversity, equity and inclusion should be abolished as unnecessary. Federal law and Department of Defense policy provide adequate protections against civil rights and racism. The U.S. service already boasts an overall officer force with a level of racial diversity similar to that of the general U.S. population—no layers of bureaucracy dedicated to the DEI are needed. In particular, we don’t want anything with an extreme agenda aimed at ‘fairness’, a left-wing term for social engineering that produces equal ‘results’ rather than just equality, unlike ‘equality’. before law.

The military should punish racist acts in its ranks while providing national defense. And certainly anti-white activists should not be in a position to crowd their children’s teachers.