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TikTok, Macro and UnbeliEVAble Entertainment Announce 10 Latino Creative Grant Recipients – Deadline

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Exclusive: TikTok has partnered with MACRO and UnbeliEVAble Entertainment to reveal the ten Latinx Creatives Grant winners.

They include Miguel Dalmau, Giovanna Gonzalez, Herchel Carrasco, Gabriel Serverville, Jonathan Perez, Ileana Cabrera, Jorge Alvarez, Dr. Leslie Gonzalez, Jose Luis Cisneros Carlos and Francisco Cardoso. It is included.

This grant was created following the success of last year’s 2021 TikTok Latinx Creatives Creator Incubator. At this incubator, 150 creators and emerging music artists learned how to take their content to the next level on the platform. We will continue to support creators both on and off the platform, financially, and with educational programs and networking opportunities.

Isabel Quinteros, Director of Artist Partnerships at TikTok, said: “MACRO and UnbeliEVAble are industry leaders when it comes to advocating for diverse creatives in media, helping these creators bring their dream projects to life and we cannot thank them enough for their partnership. .”

Each selected grantee will be invited to TikTok, MACRO, and UnbeliEVAble Entertainment after submitting their dream creative project idea, whether in the form of a book, film, TV show, radio show, or any other form of content media. Chosen. They will each receive $50,000 and two individual coaching sessions from MACRO and UnbeliEVAble Entertainment to help bring their pitches to life.

“MACRO is very proud to participate in this program for the second year in a row and partner with our colleagues at TikTok and UnbeliEVAble to discover and elevate great creators on our platform. Chief Brand Officer, MACRO Stacey Walker-King said:

“At UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, our mission is to actively select projects that have a purpose and accurately represent the story of the Latino community. We cannot adequately tell these stories without our own voices, and we are proud to continue this partnership with TikTok and MACRO.Actress, producer, activist, entrepreneur, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment CEO Eva Longoria said:

Learn more about the 10 recipients below from their bios submitted by TikTok.

Gabrielle Cerberville (@chaoticforager): Gabrielle is a wild food educator, mycologist, permaculturist, and multidisciplinary artist. She believes ethics and hope are the keys to sustaining a sustainable future. On TikTok, she shares her knowledge of edible plants and fungi. This includes her ecological awareness and the importance of her knowledge of the land.

Leslie Gonzalez (@drlesliegonzalez): Dr. Gonzalez is a physician who shares updates on health-focused products and public health issues, and encourages others to pursue a healthcare career on TikTok. She is also passionate about expression and creates content in English and Spanish.

Francisco Cardozo (@franciscolikethecity): Francisco is a Venezuelan writer and actor who graduated from the Latin American Studies Center Romulo Gallegos as a playwright. Francisco has become popular on TikTok by creating funny content about his experiences as a gay Latino man living in the Big Apple.

Jorge Alvarez (@ijorgealvarez): Jorge is a creator, advocate and strategist. He denounces mental health and encourages challenging conversations on TikTok by creating content that fosters collective reflection, unleashes limiting beliefs, and breaks generational cycles.

Ileana Cabrera (@morethancleaning): llena is a wife, mother of three, and Latina house cleaner who demonstrates her passion, experience, and desire to succeed on TikTok. She has garnered a large following by sharing cleaning tips and showing that her job is more than just cleaning.

Miguel “Che” Dalmau (@myundocumentedass): Miguel “Che” is a stand-up comedian, writer, podcaster, and TikTok creator who uses his platform to talk about his experiences growing up undocumented in the United States. increase. Through his art, Miguel hopes to inspire other undocumented people to share their stories and educate them about their undocumented experiences.

Jonathan Perez ( Jonathan runs Ollin, a restaurant in New York where authentic Mexican food meets culture. They serve authentic Mexican food and have a large audience on TikTok. Orin is also a Latino- and queer-owned, family-run restaurant that welcomes everyone.

Herchell Carrasco (@rockrollg): Herchell started tattooing in his kitchen and has become one of California’s most in-demand celebrity tattoo artists. On his TikTok, he showcases his art and culture while entertaining his community and inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

Giovanna Gonzalez (@thefirstgenmentor): Giovanna is the creator of TikTok, financial educator, speaker, and emerging author. In June 2021, she quit her job at her investment management firm to pursue her true passion of teaching financial literacy to young people. She uses her own platform to share relevant, jargon-free financial education and career advice to her first-generation and Latino communities.

Jose Luis Cisneros-Carlos (@username_af): Luis combines his love of cars and problem solving through his TikTok videos. He uses his platform to entertain others and teach them how cars work.