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The UP Arts and Culture Alliance conducts economic impact, sports, jobs

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ESCANABA — The Upper Peninsula Arts and Culture Alliance (The Alliance) participates in Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6), a comprehensive economic impact study of the non-profit arts and culture industry.

Administered by Americans for the Arts, AEP6 examines the economic impact of arts and culture in the Alliance and 386 additional communities representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Alliance covers all 15 counties of the Upper Peninsula, with the goal of making arts and culture more visible, connected and celebrated as part of the broader fabric of the region’s UP development. is.

Conducted approximately every five years, the Arts & Economic Prosperity series measures the economic impact of spending by non-profit arts and cultural organizations and event-related spending by their audiences.

In 2017, AEP5 estimated that the nonprofit arts and culture industry generated $166.3 billion in economic activity (organizational spending and event-related spending by spectators), supported 4.6 million jobs, and generated $27.5 billion in government revenue. documented that. The AEP series shows that investing in the arts has both cultural and economic benefits.

By April 2023, more than 1,200 audience intercept surveys will be collected from attendees of UP’s arts and cultural events. In total, the national sample is expected to exceed her 250,000 surveys. The survey of the non-profit arts and culture organization will run from January 2023 until he April. National and local survey results will be published in September 2023.

At that time, the UP Alliance will receive a customized report on UP’s unique economic impact results, such as the number of jobs supported and the amount of government revenue generated by the community’s non-profit arts industry. .

UP Alliance looking for volunteers

Alliance President Sue Rolle said the UP is looking to grow to include every county, and the Alliance now works with board representatives from Menominee, Baraga, Ruth, Schoolcraft and Chippewa to meet their goals. said they needed volunteers to help with Ontonagon and Keweenaw counties.

“In order to continue the Alliance’s goal of fostering creativity, connection and collaboration among Upper Peninsula artists, historians, performers, organizations and audiences while encouraging the adoption of arts and culture, these areas of the UP We need more representatives from – to sustain initiatives and policies to improve the quality of life in the UP.”

Rolle said these groups work closely with the economic development, recreation and tourism industries to ultimately create a prosperous future for our region.

She summarizes the Alliance’s goals at UP: “We want to connect with arts and cultural organizations, artists, historians and curators. she said. “We want to help the Upper Peninsula grow as an arts and culture destination. It helps.”

For more information and a list of communities participating in AEP6 research, visit www.americansforthe If you would like to provide technical support, volunteer service as a board member of the UP Alliance, or an hour or two of your time, please contact Sue Roll at (906) 280-2746 or, or Visit

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