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The University of Illinois and Insper partnership supports research and teaching science

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, through its Grainger College of Engineering and Computer Science departments, recently entered into a partnership with Brazil’s Insper Instituto De Ensino E Pesquisa (Insper Institute of Education and Research). two institutions.

The partnership was agreed on July 1st. This includes joint research projects with Insper and the Illinois Joint PI, Curriculum Development in Computing and Data Science, Insper Faculty Sabbatical Experience, Future Insper Faculty Postdoctoral Experience, PhD Students and Professionals Includes a fellowship for Summer research internships for master’s students, and Insper undergraduates.

On August 15th, work on the sabbatical and research project officially began.

Nancy Amato
Nancy M. Amato

Nancy M. Amato, Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering and Director of Computer Science in Illinois, said: “Illinois CS provides a knowledgeable faculty and student base that allows Insper peers and students to interact consistently. I look forward to

New research projects are initiated each year involving Illinois CS faculty, graduate students, and Insper faculty. The duration of the project will be his three years and will develop a long-term research collaboration between the two institutions.

This year’s research projects range from research to improve student learning in project-based CS courses, to creating realistic images or series of images by synthesizing real-world data assets in various ways. Five topics are included, up to and including Driven Rendering. In total, approximately 20 faculty members from each institution will participate in research projects, providing new perspectives and innovations on CS topics relevant to all of the computing community.

Future Insper faculty have the opportunity to spend two years as a postdoc in Illinois through the Future Faculty Fellows program. These individuals establish research collaborations with her CS faculty in Illinois. This can be continued when you take a faculty position at Insper, where you will be involved in curriculum development, mentoring, and participation in career development programs.

The Curriculum Development Collaboration is involved in the design of Insper’s computing curriculum. This includes sharing UIUC curriculum expertise developed from many undergraduate computer science degrees and program options, interdisciplinary education in data science, and the Illinois Computing Accelerator (iCAN) certification program for non-professionals. will be

Professor Fábio de Miranda, coordinator of the Insper Computer Science program, said: .

Insper faculty on a semester sabbatical in Illinois have already begun collaborating with Illinois faculty on research and teaching.

The Graduate Fellowship provides University of Illinois CS doctoral students the opportunity to receive joint advice from faculty at the University of Illinois and Insper. You may spend time at both institutions. Master’s Fellowships support accepted students who have earned a bachelor’s degree from Insper and may continue to Illinois for a professional master’s degree in computer science (MCS).

Undergraduate Research Internships place Insper undergraduates in the Illinois CS Summer Research Program, where they spend 10 weeks in the field in Illinois, working with faculty on a research project.

“This is an exciting opportunity for both the University of Illinois and the Inspur Institute to learn from each other,” said Rashid Bashir, Dean of Grainger College of Engineering at UIUC. “I can’t wait to see what will come out of this collaboration as it further blossoms into the incredible benefits of improving his community of computing through a unique perspective on research and education across the Americas.”