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The NewGlobe Method Transforming Education in Africa and India

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LAGOS, NIGERIA, Sept. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innovative teaching methodologies that deliver ‘the greatest learning impact ever measured’ are being adopted by a growing number of African and Indian governments. I’m here. Tackle what has been called the biggest learning crisis in 100 years.

The Government of Rwanda is the latest to launch the National Education Reform Programme, RwandaEQUIP, with the aim of making the country’s overall basic education system globally competitive.

World leaders gather in New York for the United Nations Transformation Education Summit convened in response to the crisis in global education. “Solutions Day” will highlight the few replicable programs that are already making large-scale transformations, such as RwandaEQUIP.

“Education reform is a top priority for the Rwandan government, and bold investments have been made for this,” said Minister of State for Primary and Secondary Education Gaspard Twagiraez.

RwandaEQUIP is supported by NewGlobe’s innovative methodology, groundbreaking research confirming that it easily delivers learning outcomes to the top 1% of people in large and rigorous studies in emerging markets.

Led by 2019 Nobel laureate Professor Michael Kremer, the study found that children living in underserved communities were 53% more likely to be in NewGlobe-supported schools compared to students at other schools. It suggests that you have learned a lot.

The results confirm NewGlobe’s integrated learning system, which is currently being used by the government of Rwanda and other countries in Africa and India to support one million students and growing each year.

The study is based on a randomized controlled trial involving more than 10,000 students from low socioeconomic backgrounds in Kenya.

  • After two years, elementary school students who were taught using the NewGlobe method were nearly a year ahead of students in other schools.
  • For preschool students, two years of education using the NewGlobe method gives them an additional year and a half of learning over other students.


NewGlobe Africa Director Clement Uwajenza said: Now is the time to identify and scale effective local solutions already in place by governments in the Global South. We all know the scale of the crisis. Practical action is needed now to solve it. The international community must come together and commit to implementing solutions that are already proven to work if there is any prospect of providing quality education for all. We must all look to this Summit to seize the opportunity for change. “

A landmark educational study also found that children taught using the New Grove method were three times more likely to be able to read by age 7. The World Bank estimates that 90% of her 10-year-olds in Africa can’t read a single sentence of hers.

Jaime Saavedra, Director of Education at the World Bank, said levels of learning poverty in low- and middle-income countries were the “worst education crisis in the last 100 years.”

UNESCO’s latest estimates show that SDG4 (the goal of ensuring quality education for all by 2030) has not been met, with 300 million children still lacking basic standards of literacy and numeracy. It is suggested that this has not been reached.

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