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The Dolphins are undefeated without Tom Brady or Sean Payton

There must be a richer and more ironic word than good luck Here’s what’s going on in the life of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. I’ll get the facts out in a moment. But for now, let’s turn the clock back a few months (or years) to a secret recess in their office, his building, where a plot to overthrow the NFL’s rules was underway.

This is a Dolphins franchise that is hungry for relevance and has tried multiple times to dupe Tom Brady out of the Patriots and Buccaneers. When Ross left the Saints and entered the world of broadcasting, he was in Sean Peyton’s ear. For Ross’ misconduct, the Dolphins strip him of his 2023 first-round pick and his 2024 third-round pick, fine him $1.5 million and keep him out until Oct. 17. Suspended, Limited fined him $500,000 for his partner Bruce’s beer. Additionally, Ross has been banned from all league his meetings this year. Ross wanted Brady so badly that he was willing to give him ownership, reportedly. And let’s not forget, this was the club that was in hot talks with Deshawn Watson at last year’s trade deadline.