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The 2nd World Culture FusionFest will be held this weekend

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Dozens of artists are gearing up for the 2nd Annual World Culture Fusion Fest this weekend in the North Bay for a free two-day event.

Dozens of artists are gearing up for the 2nd Annual World Culture Fusion Fest this weekend in the North Bay for a free two-day event.

“Last year’s FusionFest was a three-stage ‘street party,'” says Dermot Wilson of host organization Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective. “This year we’ve expanded our program to include Gaelic, South American acts and an amazing Aboriginal ensemble led by Sunny Oh on native flute.”

The beat kicks off Saturday at 151 Main St. East (previously slated for the Good2Go backlot), now a new community theater in the heart of Downtown North Bay. With advice from Bryan Bouchard Sound and Lighting, the move would be safer and better for the show, but would still “make a statement” for both performers and audiences, Wilson says.

Six combinations of various performers are scheduled at 151 Main Street on Saturday from 11am to 9pm. On Sunday, the fun continues at Coworking Place at 176 Lakeshore Drive and Big Medicine Studios at 161 Coochie Memorial Drive, Duchessnay Village. Nipissing First Nation (11am-7pm).

North Bay’s Justine Gogoua, the event’s artistic director and one of the performers, says it’s a rare opportunity to see such a diverse array of high-level talent in one place for free.

“We are thrilled to bring together such a collection of talent and culture so that artists and the public can enjoy the spirit of collaboration and fusion,” said Gogoua, hoping to bring positive benefits to as many people as possible. I added that there will be no charge so that I can receive it. vibration.

first action Saturday After the opening ceremony at 11:00 am, Toronto artists Pat Robitaille and Amadou Kienou join the talents of Abel Maxwell, Ariel Hyatt and DJ Moussa at 1:40 pm.

Medussah takes over at 2:20pm and 3:00pm while Dany Laj and friends keep up the good vibes. David Laronde and Pat Robitaille will take the stage at 4pm,

Tom Red, Vlad Bilan, and Kenow will be on stage at 4:40 PM. Kenow, Rob Joanicey and April Jones will take the stage at 5:20pm.

Gogoua turns on again at 6:10pm, joined by Steph Leroux, Herve Mility and the Snowbirds. CORVID David McCallum and his friends are scheduled for 6:40pm, followed by his Hyperboreal with Joanisse at 8:30pm.

upon Sunday At 2pm, Kienou and Joanisse will be at Nipissing First Nation’s Big Medicine Studio at 161 Couchie Memorial Drive, Duchesnay Village, Nipissing First Nation for a massive jam with Exquisite Sound Corpse DJ SndFrq, Tom Red and James Miles. hit the drum.

Meanwhile, 176 Lakeshore Drive (formerly Tweedsmuir School at Gertrude Crossroads) will host an Indigenous Jam featuring David Laronde and Debajehmujig Storytellers at 11am, with DJs Moussa, Gogoua and Jones at 2pm. 4pm, same time as the Francofusion Jam (split between Courtyard and his Suite 14 at the NRCC) featuring Gab Lavoie, Tom Red, Ariel Hyatt and their family.

World Culture FusionFest is made possible by sponsors and contributing partners (Department of Canada Heritage, Long and McQuade’s Musical Instruments, Good2Go, Nipissing Culture Days, Remedy Developments).

Amadou Kienou:

Born in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, to a Griot family from Duffing, Amadou Kienou is the seventh son of Baba Kienou. He was exposed to music from an early age. A sportsman, he participates in football and track and field tournaments and competitions within the Burkina Faso National Institute of Youth and Sports. However, he devoted his life to music and dance. He plays several traditional instruments such as djembe, balafon, doungdung, tama and ngoni. He joined Musogunuma Kuyate’s Wamde Company in 1988 as the first soloist in Burkina Faso’s Instrumental Ensemble in 1986, and Desire Bonogo’s Artistic Ensemble in 1989 as the main percussionist. became a performer. From 1992 to 1994 he composed music for his contemporary dance works under the direction of Lasane Congo. In 1995, together with his family members (brothers, sisters and cousins), he formed a group called Amadou Kienou and Ensemble Foteban. He is also working on a training project with choreographer Saria Sanou.

Abel Maxwell:

With a passion for art and culture, Abel Maxwell inspires novices and professionals to excel in their work. He has studied in his three different continents (Africa, Europe and North America – Dakar, Lyon, National Conservatory of Amsterdam, Royal Conservatory of Toronto) and René He is a Management Specialist in Finance/Marketing at Kasan International Polytechnic University. Diploma in Science (CEFAM Lyon, France) 2005. Abel Maxwell helps his clients—medium-sized organizations in the professional, educational, health, and spiritual fields—get greater value through his consulting services using entertaining and inspirational speeches. Abel founded the Lyon Gospel Mass Choir (130 vocalists). The choir still performs at several international events and in 2006 he also released the first album he produced under his label (France) with Alter Ego Music Records.

Since moving to Ontario in 2007, Abel has influenced many people through his art and has had a significant impact on various organizations (National Music Industry Association – ANIM, Connexion Jeunesse Africa Canada – CJCA, Center Level International, Professional). has given Association of Music Professionals – APCM) and business projects in Ontario as Director and Producer for BODB Entertainment Corporation.


Medussah, an experimental electronica musical duo from Ecuador based in the North Bay, perform original songs ranging from pop to dance, transforming sounds from heavy, hazy to upbeat rhythms . Audiences are transported into outer space and returned to their musical journey. On September 10th, they performed at the Gorilla Grooves event at the iconic Masonic Temple in North Bay, with additional events planned for this fall. The band has been featured in festivals around the world, winning awards and recognition for their unique brand of talent and musicianship. The Medussah musicians have played many live events in South America and have toured the UK successfully. They rehearse in the studio and record music with local recording professionals.

Gabrielle Lavoie:

Gabriel Lavoie is a freelance musician from the North Bay who specializes in keyboard player, drummer and producer and is currently based in Toronto. Gabriel began as a piano student in his classical class and upon completing his studies at the Royal Academy of Music he obtained an ARCT. In high school, he belonged to the groups Unisson and CaféChantant, and was in charge of keyboards and drums. As a student at Nipissing University, he founded his British rock group Kings of Our Kin and recorded EPs and full his albums. Speaking English and French, his Gab has taken the chance and continues to accompany his artists on stage including Patrick Wright, Daniel-Groleau Landry, The Lovely Feathers, Kyris, Alex Southey, Kalila Badali and Aniqa Dear. . Gab is also active in the studio, often working with Shawn Sasyniuk and recording his tracks on keyboards for Daniel Groleau-Landry, Iduna, Alex Southey and Matt Thibeault.