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Streamer withdraws enthusiastic sports rights feed to protect brand

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news: The streaming service’s response to two controversial moves in the sports broadcasting industry shows it’s not willing to sacrifice reputation for acquisition.

  • Amazon When apple Reportedly denied media rights to stream Live Golf,Professional Golf league funded by Saudi government-owned sovereign wealth fund.
  • disney CEO Bob Chapek I recently told CNBC that ESPN will never be [sportsbook]is looking for a “respected” partner to materialize the sports network’s betting services.

Disney and gambling: Disney’s statement on its sports gambling venture shows how important brand reputation is to a major streaming service.

  • ESPN has been growing its interest in sports gambling for some time. In December 2021, Chapek will transform the market into avery meaningful opportunityAs for Disney, they call ESPN “the best platform for this.”
  • Although the stigma is fading with legalization in many states, negative associations with gambling still remain. Disney carefully curates its glossy, family-friendly brands to avoid murkiness by handling the transaction itself.
  • meanwhile other digital media company When the sportsbook itself It’s racing to bring betting to your TV screen, and ESPN’s huge reach means you never have to worry about being left behind. Sportsbooks have to court it to get access to their audience.

Golf Rights Bet: Both Apple and Amazon have been willing to bid billions of dollars for digital broadcasting rights to foreign sports leagues. So why are you avoiding partnering with LIV?

  • Sports broadcast rights have become a flashpoint in the streaming wars, especially in foreign markets.Earlier this year, the streaming service fought with both Amazon and Apple over the rights to stream cricket from the Indian Premier League. throw the hat in the ring $7.7 billion.
  • But while cricket is a sure bet for Indian audiences, there aren’t many new LIVs. Apple and Amazon join ESPN, CBS, NBC and Fox in ignoring the deal, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • ESPN, NBC, and CBS have existing deals with PGA Golf that they may not want to make worse, especially since the PGA is at odds with LIV. The Saudi Arabian golf league has been criticized for trying to cover up human rights abuses, wiping out top players with multi-million dollar contracts and prize pools, and many players have been suspended from the PGA.
  • LIV is reportedly seeking a hefty copyright deal, which could also turn off the streamer. They had been willing to bid billions of dollars before, but the tightening economy and the potential damage to streamers’ brands from partnering with leagues has cooled their hunger.

To the point: Sports provide streamers facing declining viewership and subscriptions an important way to compete for domestic and international customers. It shows that you are willing to divert your attention.

  • LIV may not be locked out forever. If audiences in that league can prove they’re above the controversy, next season could see the streaming giants fight it out tooth and nail.
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