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Sternberger Elementary Physical Education Teacher Named GCS Teacher of the Year | Education

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Christopher Carroll Represents District at District Convention

Greensboro, North Carolina – Veteran educator Christopher Carroll takes home one of Guildford County Schools (GCS) highest honors. At the annual Celebration of Excellence, 2022 North Carolina Teacher of the Year, Leah Carper, announced physical education teacher Carol as her GCS Teacher of the Year for 2022-2023.

Carroll, now in her 25th year as an educator, said the power of education is all about “why.” He uses his lessons to answer that question of his students and show them how to live an active and healthy life.

Before assuming her title, GCS Teacher of the Year and current North Carolina Teacher of the Year Leah Carper said: We are strong, smart and innovative. ”

Carol was also named Elementary Teacher of the Year. Ferndale Middle’s Holly Herberg was named Middle School Teacher of the Year and Weaver Academy’s Nina Sumpter was named High School Teacher of the Year. Other finalists included Olivia Gerard of Grimsley High School and Juana Lili of Guilford Elementary School.

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This year’s teacher announcement was one of several at Eastern High School on Thursday as the district’s top educators were recognized.Guilford Education Alliance, Joseph M. Bryan Foundation, Racial Equity Institute, LLC sponsored this event and associated prizes.

The evening’s event also included the announcement of the GCS Principal of the Year. The honor and $1,000 in prize money went to Paul Travers of Washington Montessori. Travers also won the Elementary Principal of the Year award. “One of the things we try to do every day in Washington is to communicate hope. I want you to believe me, instead of talking to your kids about what they want to be in the future, talk about how they want to impact the world.


Jericho Carrillo, Rookie Teacher of the Year, said the key to connecting with students is understanding their motivations. The director of the Southern High Band says that when students feel seen, heard, and understood, they become more active participants in their education.

Zaynah Brooks of Wiley Elementary, Gary Knight of Morehead Elementary, Kathryn Porter of Jamestown Middle, and Brooklynn Whipple of Frazer Elementary were recognized as Rookie Teacher of the Year finalists.

GCS won Social Worker of the Year for the first time. Brittany Wells of Jamestown Middle was honored for her inauguration. Wells said in his application, “We are all given a life in which we can use our passions, talents, values ​​and energies in all our capacities, and social welfare is where I use them. Humanity.” If we start thinking about the problems of our family and the world as our problems, we can change the world.” Other finalists include Shameka Byers of Pearce Elementary, They included Terri Sims Starling, who works at Washington Montessori, Middle College at GTCC-Greensboro, and STEM Early College at NC A&T State University.

Ashley Lopez-Davila took home two trophies on Thursday night. Alderman Elementary School Counselor has been named GCS Counselor of the Year and Elementary School Counselor of the Year.

In her application for Best Vice Principal, winner Kimberly Leighty emphasized the importance of teamwork. “Our system needs a diverse army of equality warriors who can use our collective voice to advocate for what education is,” said a West Guilford High School administrator. increase. That army, she says, will give students a path to change and prosperity.

Western Guilford High School has two award-winning administrators. Christina Sapusek took home her Mentor of the Year honors. She was joined by Emily Rex of Guilford Elementary School, Yvette Splatling of Wiley Elementary School, and Bryant Thompson of Ferndale Middle School as finalists.

The school pride of the Haynes-Inman Education Center shone through. They took home the middle school trophy. Sumner Elementary School won the Elementary Spirit Award.

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