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Shyan Selah Brings New Entertainment Workshop Series to the Northwest

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Federal Way, Washington., September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Shayan Serra Foundation partners with Brave New World Enterprises to State of Washington The Department of Commerce is proud to announce the official reopening of Artist Workshops on September 17th.

Artist Workshops are specifically designed to develop and nurture aspiring entertainment artists and creative entrepreneurs. Created from Shyan Selah’s real-life experience and hard work, this exclusive program features fundamental elements of the global entertainment industry including music, television/film, digital technology/social media, fashion and the professional sports industry. will produce 14 monthly series. – Participants aged 21 years. Each month, attendees will be able to listen and participate in conversations with a hand-picked panel of industry experts from each listed industry. Most of it comes directly from Shyan Selah’s expert network. Featured guest speakers include her seven-time Grammy-winning mix of his engineer. Neil Pogue (Tyler the Creator, Doja Cat, The Marias, etc.), screenwriter Kirkland Morris (BMF, Powerbook IV: Force), Jay Warczynski (Founder of IndiePower), Film and Music Director Martin Guigi (Beneath the Darkness, 9-11, Bronx Bull, Billy Gibbons/ZZ top), Eddie Levert Jr. (Son of the president of Revert Entertainment) Eddie Levert O’Jay’s) and so on.

“Artist workshops are the kind of vehicles that can transform entire communities,” says Shyan Selah. “The creative arts industry is responsible for what we call ‘entertainment’, but at a deeper level, it is responsible for delivering the experience of what we call ‘culture. From music to fashion, film, video games and sports, this workshop will play a pivotal role in redefining equity while amplifying the importance of education on these creative industries. Through outreach at world-class entertainment conventions such as NAMM, SXSW, ASCAP, CES, and The Magic Convention, I have learned a great deal about how to do this type of work. I am also excited to launch this program in my hometown given the complex needs of our community, combined with our amazing network of strategic partners. ”

from September 2022 To June 2023 Monthly workshops are held in Shayan Sela’s hometown Federal Way, planning a major talent show in July 2023. As an organization dedicated to empowering and uplifting marginalized youth, the Shyan Selah Foundation, in partnership with the Department of Commerce, will provide free access to all workshops and events for up to 250 participants. Interested participants are encouraged to register at for more information.

“Commerce is pleased to partner with Artist Workshop to provide aspiring creative entrepreneurs with the skills and connections they need to build successful careers.” Shannon Halberstadt, Director of Creative Economy Sector Development, Department of Commerce. “Artist Workshops help develop the future creative workers and leaders needed to build a strong creative economy. State of Washington.”

The relationship between the Shayan Sera Foundation and the Department of Commerce stems from the inclusion of the program as a proviso introduced by the Foundation. State of Washington representative jesse johnson The 2022-2023 national budget addresses the continuing need for education and career development of Washington youth.

“Artist Workshops provide young people with access to expertise, skill sets and resources to inspire and empower a new generation of creative artists,” said Rep. Johnson. “The program is implemented with a specific equity-focused approach to make art more inclusive for all young people, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized communities. Our youth deserve to bring meaningful programs to South King County It’s a time when our youth need us most as a community. ”

For more information and a schedule of artist workshops, visit

SOURCE Wonderful New World