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Wayne State University last week added two pianos to its undergraduate library and Pardie Cressge Library, so some music students are wondering if practice rooms will expand on campus this year.

The WSU Libraries and Department of Music have added digital pianos within the collaboration rooms of both libraries that are available to all WSU students.

Serena Bakiler, librarian at the Fine Performing and Communication Arts College of Fine Performing and Communication Arts, said the library’s rehearsal room provides a study space for music students and students interested in music. rice field.

“We want to be able to provide space for everyone in the university community who wants access to these pianos, not just music students, but who may not have the time in their schedules to take additional classes. I would like to

The library’s piano will accommodate students who cannot attend the music department but still want to practice music, said Paul Bishop, the music department’s academic services officer.

“This idea was born to try to accommodate some of the students who weren’t planning to participate in departmental activities and still provide a place where they could go,” Bishop said.

Claire Hall, a music business major, said the new space could make it easier for students living far from Old Main to rehearse.

“I think it’s a really cool idea,” said Hall. “For students who don’t live right next door to Old Main, it’s easier to have an accessible alternative to practice.”

According to practice room policy, 23 practice rooms and one recording studio are available within Old Main to students enrolled in at least one music class. Each room has a piano, a chair, and a music stand.Bishop said all students can enroll in music classes and students must then apply online For OneCard access to Old Main’s practice room.

All WSU students have access to the library piano by reservation online During the opening hours of the library, which is open longer than the practice rooms in the old main building.

Vaquilar recommends that students bring headphones when using the digital piano.

“The UGL does not have a noise rule, but we do not necessarily want the entire ensemble to be played as it will disrupt everyone’s remaining study time, but we think we are prepared to adapt within reason. ,” said Vaquilar. “We just want to see some people use them first.”

Bishop said music students are a priority in Oldmain’s practice room because funds are needed to maintain the piano and room.

“What people don’t realize is that once you buy a piano, you have to keep it,” said Bishop. “Every week we have to decide which pianos can be tuned and which cannot. I would like to.”

Hall said he realized the Old Main practice room could use some renovations.

“Sometimes the piano goes out of tune or breaks, but I found it fixed,” she said. “It has nothing to do with the practice room, but I want you to fix the water leak outside the practice room since I came here. I pass by every day to enter the room.”

Old Main’s practice room needs new flooring, carpet, new acoustic panels and a replacement piano, Bishop said.

music department Student assistant William Carey said the practice rooms were adequate for music students to practice in, and while in need of renovation, the library could give more students the chance to rehearse on campus. said.

“I think the (Old Main) facilities are well maintained so that people can practice consistently in those rooms,” Carey said. provide an alternative location for performances and a place for non-musical students to perform and practice.”

Bishop said there may be practice rooms and music technology expanded into the library in the future, but future efforts will require the support of students and administrators.

“If you have the funding, you can actually put together a proposal, you have the vision and you have the administrative support, you can really get a lot done,” he said. “But all these moving pieces have to work. Me and Selina aren’t the only ones with ideas… I wish I had the support of a student and her DOSO.” .”

All WSU students have access to the library piano by reservation online During library hours.

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