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Percival Carter, Welcomer of MBS, Awarded $292,000 in Small Business Management Grants to BARD Program

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The Business, Agriculture, and Rural Development Technical Assistance Training Program at the University of Maine Maine School of Business received a $292,000 award from the Small Business Administration.

The BARD program was founded by Stephanie Welker, Professor of Business Administration at Maine Business School, and Erin Percival Carter, Assistant Professor of Marketing, to bridge the gap between modern business education and agriculture in the region.

The program begins by recruiting students interested in business and sustainable agriculture through a competitive application process, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to begin a career working with agricultural producers and processors. Provide training to students to develop. Students will focus on working directly with small, sustainable agribusinesses to provide sector-tailored business consulting services, including data management, pricing, financial and strategic forecasting, and market segmentation. Complete a semester-long training and research program. Product development, market intelligence, consumer research.