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Nine years ago, one action game changed entertainment forever

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Video games rarely sell more than 50 million units.

The best-selling game of all time, Mine CraftAs of 2021, the number of units sold has reached 238 million, grand theft auto vis the most profitable game, which celebrates its ninth anniversary on September 17th. Granted, that’s as of 2022 he’s only sold 170 million copies, but this particular installment breaks down the barriers of all other forms of media, making it one of the most It has become a profitable entertainment product. Any other game, record, TV show, or movie. It took several years to reach that milestone, GTA V It was a runaway success right out of the gate.

Kick off vigorously

Grand Theft Auto V had a phenomenal launch in 2013, selling over 11 million copies in its first 24 hours on the market.rockstar games

grand theft auto v It was an instant success. As a former GameStop employee of his five years, this game was the biggest launch I’ve ever had.I remember working on the late night release GTA V On September 16, 2013, I was amazed at the sheer number of people lining up to get a copy. Hundreds came to the midnight launch, and at one point, the manager of the nearby Buffalo Wild Wings came to our store and told customers to “stop blocking the door.”

“We just went there and asked them to stay away from the front door,” the manager replied.

“No, return door,” B-Dubs revealed.

A sea of ​​customers circled the strip and blocked the back of the building.

Then a customer showed up with no cash and a box of old games and hardware that GameStop wouldn’t trade in. This customer then tried to sell these items to others in line, and surprisingly, they raised enough cash to sell GTA VAttending the launch with no money is a testament to how badly some players wanted to get their hands on this game.

The next day, our GameStop store was lined up the entire time it was open.From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., hundreds (if not thousands) of GTA V. Nearly all transactions GTA Vexcept for one poor soul who was there to buy hot wheels best driver in the worldcoincidentally released on the same day.

We had to cut the line around 8:45pm so we could close on time. All of this happened within his 24 hours of the game’s release, and I believe other retailers experienced similar turnouts.

in just 24 hours, GTA V grossed $815 million and sold over 11 million copies in total. That’s more copies than most games have ever sold over their entire lifecycle.

lasting legacy

Grand Theft Auto V’s single-player mode drew in players, but GTA Online kept them.rockstar games

But the success didn’t end in a day. 2018, GTA V became the most profitable entertainment product of all time, generating over $6 billion in revenue for Rockstar Games. As of August 2022, GTA V sold 170 million copies, making it the second best-selling game of all time. Its lasting impact is largely due to its successful online mode. gta onlinewhich was released shortly after the base game in 2013.

To many longtime GTA players, gta online It was exactly what we had been craving for so long. A massive open world with lots of things to do where you can play and compete against your friends online.wreak havoc gta online was already fun in 2013, but over the years Rockstar Games have improved the gameplay and supported it with many updates, giving players reasons to keep coming back.

Between major updates like the Cayo Perico Heist, where players need to loot nearby islands via submarines, and limited-time events like the snow-filled holiday update — gta online A textbook example of a living, breathing world.

gta online helped push GTA V It is successful, generating over $800 million annually from game microtransactions called Shark Cash. This online currency is used to purchase nearly everything in the game, including new cars, clothing, weapons, and even property and planes.

We know Rockstar is currently working on a follow-up GTA Vbut a lot has changed since its predecessor launched nearly a decade ago. GTA VI get a large audience, but that GTA VYou’ll have to wait until you find out.?

for now we celebrate GTA Vall started just nine years ago in 2013.