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NFL Scores, Schedule, Week 2 Live Update: Tom Brady, Buccaneers shut out 6 straight quarters against Saints

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It’s week two of the 2022 NFL season. Stay up to date on all the action and biggest stories throughout the day. The Week 2 slate has some great matchups and storylines to help you see how it unfolds. Check back often to find out everything you need to know.

Second week schedule


Chiefs 27, Chargers 24 (takeout)


Panthers at Giants (Game Tracker)
Jaguar Colts (Game Tracker)
Dolphins at Ravens (Game Tracker)
Patriots at Steelers (Game Tracker)
Jets at Browns (Game Tracker)
Buccaneers at Saints (Game Tracker)
Commanders at Lions (Game Tracker)
Falcons at Rams, 4:05 PM ET (Preview)
Seahawks at 49ers at 4:05 p.m. ET (Preview)
Raiders Cardinals 4:25 PM ET (Preview)
Bengals at Cowboys, 4:25 PM ET (Preview)
Texans at the Broncos, 4:25 PM ET (Preview)
Bears at Packers, 8:20 PM ET (Preview)


Titans at Bills, 7:15 PM ET (Preview)
Vikings with the Eagles, 8:30 PM ET (Preview)

Brady Continues Fighting Saints

The greatest quarterback of all time cannot understand the Saints’ defense. The Buccaneers went 9–0 shutout in his second meeting with New Orleans a year ago, and up the goose egg in the first half against divisional rivals on Sunday afternoon. As expected, Tom Brady isn’t exactly happy.

commander on board

It was an unforgettable first half for Washington, who gave up 22 points to start the game and entered the locker room with a zero scoreboard. The third quarter got off to a much better start as the Commanders drove 64 yards in five plays and scored their first touchdown on a long pass from Carson Wentz to Curtis Samuel.

Hutchinson is unstoppable

The Lyons knew Aidan Hutchinson was productive. That’s why we drafted him with the 2nd overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. But are the 3 sacks in the first half productive? They couldn’t imagine it, but that’s exactly what happened in the first half against the Commanders. The reason is.

You got Moss!

Sorry Ahkello Witherspoon, but that’s exactly what happened near the end of the first half of a 3v3 game. Just when Witherspoon thought he was about to corral an interception, Nelson Agholor leaped over him, stripped him of the ball he was holding on to, and left him in the dust for the final five yards of the 44-yard score. Today’s catch far from Agholor.

Lamar Dealing

Despite overturning a rushing touchdown, Lamar Jackson had a great first half in the Ravens’ home opener. He recorded his 210 yards and his 3 runs on his 11 of his 13 passes in his first. In the first he went 75 yards to Rashod he to Bateman and in the second he went to Mark from one yard out he went to Andrews.

His third was DeMarcus Robinson, with the Ravens beating the Dolphins, 28-7.

who is travis?

Many expected 2021 first-round draft pick Travis Etienne to pass 2020 undrafted rookie James Robinson to become the Jaguars’ top running back this season. Halfway through, it wasn’t. In Week 1, Robinson outscored Etienne and scored two touchdowns. Robinson’s success continues against the Colts, with his 37-yard touchdown his ramper giving Jacksonville his double-digit lead over division opponents.

Robinson is back from an Achilles tendon injury he sustained late last season.

Wilson cashes first career TD

The Jets’ top draft pick spurred a touchdown on their second drive in Cleveland. Second-round running back Breeshall rumbled for 23 yards on third-and-short, and after three plays, 10th overall Garrett Wilson tied the game with his first career touchdown catch.

Fake punt!

Everyone loves fake punts, and the Jets executed it flawlessly on 4s and 2s in their own territory. Braden Mann took the snap, put his foot down, and threw the ropes to Jeff Smith for a 17-yard gain to keep the drive going.


We didn’t risk Dan Campbell to score on the fourth goal, but the consolation prize was that the commanders almost fell back into their own end zone. Carson Wentz hit Carson Wentz, was stripped by Charles Harris, and Detroit’s two-point run of the ball bounced out of the end zone.

Swift hits big again

Lions’ Dandre Swift has two runs of 50 or more yards in two games. His RB in his third year was an ankle injury that kept him out of practice for most of the week, but he took a handoff to the right, made some quick his cuts to the left, and made the Commanders’ He looked perfectly fine as he fell short of the defender to his 7. -Yard line. Unfortunately for Detroit, they failed to score any points after failing on their fourth goal.

Opening kickoff fumble!

The Ravens got off to the best possible start, but the Panthers got off to the worst start. The Giants were quickly put within Red his zone as Tuba his Hubbard fumbled the first kickoff. Fortunately for Carolina, the defense was strong, forcing three-and-outs and forcing field goals.

Opening Kickoff Return TD!

The Ravens got tossed against the Dolphins, but Lamar Jackson and the offense never even set foot on the field. That’s because Devin DuVernay, who scored his two receiving touchdowns in the season opener, opened his kickoff with a score of 103 yards. What a start in Baltimore!

Super Bowl hopefuls aim for first victory

Of the four teams that won the conference championship last season, only the Chiefs won in Week 1. The number one seed in each conference also dropped its first game.

All of these teams (the Rams, the Bengals, the 49ers, the Packers, the Titans) are trying to forget their opening day results and start playing like a club that entered the season with high hopes. Also, on “Monday Night Football,” the Bills have a favorable matchup to get going aside from his double-digit underdogs, the Titans. (The team has an average advantage of over 9 points in Week 2.)

A win this week will allow each fanbase to take a deep breath after a worrying start. and players have a lot of questions.