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Nebraska's crushing loss to No. 6 Oklahoma shows the depth of despair the Cornhuskers must overcome

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LINCOLN, Nebraska — Sean Taylor has defined the reason for Nebraska’s prolonged recession, but it hasn’t been resolved. When his once-stellar program was beaten by No. 6 Oklahoma on Saturday, the 45-year-old Cornhuskers fans of his became philosophical as he left his stadium at Memorial.

“This is our penance, and that’s okay,” said Taylor, who makes prosthetic limbs in Omaha, Nebraska.

penance? Taylor believes Nebraska’s pain could have been avoided if the school hadn’t become “the only school in the history of college football to fire two of his nine-win coaches.”

The epitome of Nebraska football these days, Taylor just didn’t get the details right. that’s all Since Tom Osborne, five Huskers coaches have failed to win at least nine games.

This complicates the quarter-century wait turnaround issue. A 49-14 loss to Oklahoma in interim coach Mickey Joseph’s debut was supposed to kick off a new era (whether or not the former Nebraska quarterback gets a permanent gig). Instead, it highlighted the depth of despair and the depth of the hole the program had to dig.

“It’s up to me,” said Joseph, a revered legacy in Nebraska, who is in the process of sorting out his playbook to chase the job of a lifetime. No, I have to do a better job.”

Joseph, at least, understands part of the head coaching gig: Blaming yourself when you lose and giving credit to your players when you win. whistle made it a little darker.

The idea that Nebraska somehow deserved this misery was just Taylor’s stadium ideology. It seems that the road to get there is still long.

“We’ve been tagging [not tackling] Four years,” concludes Nebraska’s Safety Miles Farmer.

A good place to start rebuilding. In this game last year, Nebraska surprisingly played Oklahoma and lost 23-16. Frost was sacked last Sunday, confirming an overall lack of progress with a string of single-digit losses.

One thought of the week: Joseph’s promotion from wide receiver coach (and associate head coach) will at least breathe new life into a once-glamorous rivalry that was renewed last year after a decade dormant.

No such pluck from Husker on Saturday. After running out scripted plays and leading 7–0, they allowed the Sooners to score the next 49 in a row.

To make matters worse, Oklahoma passed Nebraska. Quarterback Dillon Gabriel scrambled a disorganized defense for a 61-yard touchdown. Tennessee running back his transfer Eric Gray tallied 113 yards and his two runs. His first-year coach at OU, Brent his Venables continued to bring his specialty, defense, to life. At some point in the first half, 9 of the 10 plays Nebraska performed were neither profitable nor loss.

“You’re going to ask me all the questions that I really don’t want answered,” Farmer told the media. I haven’t practiced.”

Taylor’s idea that the football gods spat on the Huskers is just depressing. His 87,000 fans turned up in droves at halftime. Omaha beverage company owner Taylor and his friend George He Jones failed to give a pass to his dedicated Champions club across from Memorial Stadium.

Urban Meyer’s appearance on Fox’s “Big Noon Saturday” broadcast only added spice to the student section that chanted his name on the way to the field set. CBS Sports reported on Saturday: Nebraska got in touch with Meyerbut in a sampling of opinions, few at Lincoln would consider him a good fit for the program.

That is why we are rooting for this turnaround. There is nothing not to like about these extremely loyal fans who only want to win again. They are real, Midwest. they know soccer When Taylor remembered, he said, please forgive someone like him.

“I’ve got five fat kids from Aurora, Nebraska,” Taylor said. , okay, run behind these giant fat kids and speed off your ass.”

Instead, on Saturday, Oklahoma played 84 times and star offensive coordinator Jeff Levy snapped the ball once every 21 seconds on average.

“I have to get better as a head coach,” Joseph repeated.

does he have enough time? There are 8 games left in the season. The bowl bid is already slipping down at 1-3.Joseph really, really, really want a job Taylor, as one of his many Nebraska fans, For real May he get it.

Joseph hails from New Orleans in the 1980s and was an award prospect who waited in line behind other Huskers to finally get a chance in 1990. Against Oklahoma in 1990, it was the last time Nebraska lost by 35 points to him in the series. His team’s lips were bloody at their next meeting with Oklahoma on Saturday.

“They don’t swagger,” Taylor said of the Huskers. “These kids should be 10 feet in before they enter their d— room. That’s the attitude Mickey gives them. Now they’re just getting beaten up.” [up].”

Based on Saturday, this Rebuild Nebraska Project, or whatever you want to call it, is bigger and more extensive than anyone thought.

Ironically, it’s worth noting that Joseph wore a black shirt. In fact, Joseph took away the blackshirt given to achieving a defensive player because he wanted the team to start with a clean slate.

This tradition began in the 1960s and was identified by first team defenders actually wearing black jerseys. That was over 50 years ago. After Saturday’s debacle, it doesn’t look like it will be long before Nebraska regains that bragging rights Taylor so craved.

“We’re from that era,” he said, “we’re the best fucking soccer team on the planet. No It’s going to be amazing. Oklahoma ranks 6th in the nation for can have green bay packers [as an opponent]and we are cautiously optimistic that we will win the football game.

“There’s always hope. It’s hope that hurts.”