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national suicide by education


For better or worse, it is true that children are our future, depending on their education. If we do not educate our children as we do in the United States and Canada, the result will be cultural decline, social collapse, and political decline.

We are now teaching our children that our country is illegitimate and systemically evil based on genocide and racism. Who would risk their lives to join the military to protect an evil country? The military is racist, sexist and homophobic. and transphobia and harboring white supremacists and domestic terrorists who volunteer for the military to risk their lives to protect their country? It’s gone down significantly and no one has figured out how to increase it.

We teach our children that our society is divided between helpless victims and brutal oppressors. BIPOC (Blacks, Indigenous Peoples, People of Color) and women are oppressed everywhere, whites and men, Christians and Jews, and (surprisingly) Asians are the evil villains of the privileged class. Children learn to fear and hate their fellowmen of other races, genders, religions and ethnicities. What would a society look like if we taught our children that racism, sexism, and ethnic supremacy are justified and good?

Children should not learn correct English because they are taught that speaking and writing correct English is racist. There is actually no correct answer. Demanding right answers, logic, and scientific proof are sins of “whiteness” that must be eradicated from socially just societies. So it is not a weakness that American children perform poorly on international tests of reading, math and science, but a demonstration of virtue and social justice.

When schools teach lies against the fact that the police are killing innocent blacks and browns every day, a lie refuted by all serious research, the police are killing blacks and browns. Is it surprising to be viewed with fear and hatred by the children of BIPOC? The constant insults and attacks on the police by BIPOC children as well as adults are the predictable result of such indoctrination. Similarly, low police morale in almost all urban jurisdictions, reluctance to engage in active policing, mass resignations, early retirement, transfers to local jurisdictions, suicide, and most urban jurisdictions So is the lack of recruits to fill the large gaps in the district. All city police. It’s no surprise that crime rates are soaring in all urban jurisdictions.

Racial and gender disparities in academic participation and achievement are explained by one factor: racism and sexism. Other possible causes – family weaknesses in single-parent households, community medical conditions, and individual choices – may not have been mentioned or investigated. As such, disparities in participation or performance are seen as unjustified and therefore must be wiped out in order to achieve “fairness”, i.e. equal results and “social justice” across census categories of the population. Have to. Therefore, underperformers are “victims” and measures must be taken to ensure the same outcome. This is done by giving priority to her BIPOC students and students who perform poorly, canceling accelerated programs if they are not eligible, canceling exams if they perform poorly, and setting aside grade standards. increase. Programs where women are underrepresented should prioritize their recruitment through special preferences and benefits.

Students and pupils at BIPOC are taught that their academic participation and performance is not their responsibility, but that of others who sacrifice themselves and incur preferential treatment, benefits and reparations. This is the perfect educational plan for destroying personal motivation and sense of responsibility. Someone else is always to blame.

In order to promote “fairness” based on demographic “representation” such as race, gender, ethnicity, etc., alternative criteria for judging individual achievements, merits, potential, etc. are, as you know, ” denounced as ‘racist’. and rejected. Recruitment into academia, science, media, professions, and government therefore becomes the demographic underrepresentation rather than the most qualified candidate. Underlying this plan is racism with low expectations, assuming that people in the BIPOC category will never get the credit. This ensures mediocre or complete incompetence across our institution. Medicine, Academics and Education, Engineering, Journalism, Law, and Governance. The resulting trajectory is the decline and decline of society.

Female students and students are taught to be excluded because of sexism. This counterfactual claim ignores the reality that women are the majority in colleges and most schools and programs. Some programs, such as physical sciences, mathematics, and computer science, which despite the high volume of recruitment are not, are the result of the choice of women who prefer to enter other fields. It is constantly being said that there is. And male students and students are said to be responsible for the non-existence of female victims.

Given reason, logic, the quest for evidence and correct answers, and the understanding that science is taught as a trait of oppressive “whiteness,” schools are discouraging students from understanding on the basis of scientific facts. A particular focus of education from kindergarten through graduate school is the rejection of biology and knowledge of the biological factors in human life. Biological sex is now taught to be irrelevant to human life. The only thing that matters is how you feel about gender.

Children are taught that they can be any of 100 genders of their choice. will do so. In some schools, children who are uncomfortable or confused about their gender are recruited into the trans community. Schools still send students to transsexual clinics run by people who call themselves doctors. There, children undergo life-altering chemotherapy and surgical resections in a futile effort to convert them from their biological sex to replicas of the other gender.

What are the malevolent forces that have brought about all of this cultural destruction? Who injected this devastating poison into our educational system? The source, of course, is our universities. They were followed by grievance investigations advanced by various specific interest groups. First and most decisive were the feminists who established the study of women and gender to advance what they defined as the narrow interests of women. They adopted a Marxist social model and were divided into two warring classes. Instead of proletariat versus bourgeoisie, they defined the opposing classes as women versus patriarchy, all men. Feminists have influenced queer studies and LGBTQ+ activism. Black studies, Latino studies, and Asian studies all defended their race in conflict with other races. It was about what you could do to promote the narrow interests of your category through your activities.

All of these activities were absorbed into the social sciences and humanities programs, often conducted by appointed professors in collaboration with one or another complaint investigation. Managers are activists themselves or are persuaded to enact “social justice” measures of “diversity, equity and inclusion” and “diversity officers” to keep “wrong ideas” from thriving. ” to monitor staff and students. Due to its weak academic content and lax pursuit of it, education departments have reviewed and adopted grievance theory to train future school administrators and teachers, students, in the most radical form of grievance activism. The Department of Education polluted our K-12 school and made it what it is today.

My modest proposal would be to abolish the School of Education altogether, stop funding the social sciences and humanities, abolish all grievance programs, fire all diversity officers, and make the United States a constitutional In the First Amendment, Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms were respected in all federally funded educational institutions. These measures may reverse the devastating damage being done to our society by an increasingly insane education system.

Views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Epoch Times.

Philip Karl Salzman


Philip Karl Salzman is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at McGill University, Senior Fellow of the Frontier Center for Public Policy, Fellow of the Middle East Forum, and President of the Middle East Peace Studies.