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Letter to Sports: USC Isn't the Best Team in College Football

Last year, I begged Bill Plaschke to stop predicting. Now, he says the Trojans might be the best team in the country.

At some point in the next month, he predicts, the Trojans will win the college football playoffs.

After their first loss, he declares their season is effectively over.

At the end of the regular season, he would argue they should be in the CFP.

Arson Wong
Rancho Cucamonga


No, the Trojans are not the best team in the country. I love Trojans, but if you look at what I saw (Trojans vs Stanford) USC was lucky to win that game.

Donald Peppers


USC therefore leads unrated Stanford by 13 points, and Bill Plaschke said the Trojans could be the best team in the country. A subhead of The Times said, “The team rules.” Another issue of the Trojan Times.

Martin A. Brower
Corona del Mar


Is USC the best offensive team in the country? Probably. But can it be the best team in the country? Stanford’s new offense pushed past the Trojan defense all night long for those who watched the game on Saturday. Had Cardinal not made some early mistakes near the Trojans’ goal line, the score might have been 42 for Stanford and 41 for the Trojans. Absolutely. But are they No. 1? Not as far as Bryce Young and his kids have something to say about it.

Mark Walker
Yorba Linda

Kimbrel collapses

Dodgers closer Craig Kimbrel walked off the pitch after hitting a three-run homer against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 10th inning on Wednesday.

(Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press)

Despite winning the NL West, the Dodgers are still dogfighting the Astros for the best record in baseball and could secure home field advantage if they make it to the World Series. Dave Roberts seems oblivious to this fact.

On Wednesday night, he rested Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, Freddie Freeman and Justin Turner. He pitched an unstable Craig Kimbrel in the 10th inning. As expected, Kimbrel lost the game as he hit a two-out, three-run homer against the low-batting Diamondbacks.

When will Roberts turn to what everyone already knows?

Brian Gra
redondo beach


Kimbrel’s experiment, which failed this year, brings back memories in others. About 30 years ago, the Dodgers acquired the great Cardinals closer, Todd his Worrell — at the end of his career. By May, I knew he was devastated, but it took him until the end of July for Dodgers managers to figure it out. Then in 2017, for some inexplicable reason, Brandon McCarthy was included in the playoff roster, despite having had an absolutely horrible year. I brought him Easy defeat.

His overall performance should not allow Kimbrel to play a closer role in the playoffs. I don’t even know if he should be on the roster.

Mike Schaller
temple city


When most NBA teams barely concede a conference championship win after three rounds of playoffs, why would the Dodgers enthusiastically celebrate a weak NL West Division win?

Baseball players argue that the season is so long that they should be rewarded for all their accomplishments. But even though the NBA season is six months long and he only has half the number of games, the basketball player makes more moves and expends more energy in his quarter of the game. around the field.

So let’s hope the Dodgers star doesn’t get hurt. Previous The playoffs are also starting, so they might achieve something really worth celebrating.

Bennett Beebe

crimson slide

It’s great to see UCLA finally running a strict non-meeting schedule. Alabama is a worthy opponent to measure the progress of Chip Kelly and the Bruins. Oh wait — are they playing South Alabama and Alabama instead of Crimson Tide? Nevermind, in the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna.

Mark Ross
Los Angeles

Silver has no perfect moment

Mr Adam Silver

The suspension and fine of Robert Thurber is a disgrace to your leadership. His $10 million fine based on his $800 million net worth is equivalent to fine someone earning $100,000, $1,250. His one-year suspension is inexplicable. Donald Sterling has, unsurprisingly, been removed from the NBA for the same behavior. By allowing servers to stay in leagues, I cry that this behavior in the future will be accepted.

George Sagadenkey

99 (yards) problem

Seriously Justin Herbert? If you’ve been trying to channel your inner Jan van de Velde, you’ve seriously succeeded.

Marty Foster
San Francisco

shift down

Does MLB think removing the shift would make baseball more exciting? That might be the case, but what if instead players stepped up their game and learned to hit in all areas like Freddie Freeman, Tony Gwynn, Ichiro Suzuki, Rod Carew? Are you proficient in bunting to guarantee a single to the open side of the infield like you did a few days ago?

Most of today’s baseball players seem to have atrophied into one-dimensional hitters swinging and striking out the fence at a rate that has risen by 50% over the past 16 years. MLB wants more hits and excitement? Don’t fool the game. Learn to hit when no hitter is around.

Roy Forbes
Los Angeles

prime pain

It took me, an older but at least somewhat tech-savvy person, almost an hour to add the Amazon Prime for the Chargers game to my old TV. I can’t even imagine.

That, and the fact that every commercial was a solicitation for free money to become a sports bettor/gambler, is very worrying for the streaming world.

bob goldstone
Corona del Mar

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