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Jake Paul is trying to change the way we think about sports

“That’s it! Problematic Mamma Mia has proven to be a big problem for Nate Robinson,” exclaimed martial arts commentator Mauro Ranallo in 2020.

Just a few years ago, everyone laughed off Jake Paul for beating retired NBA star Nate Robinson in boxing. Many of them stopped shortly after the devastating knockouts of championship MMA fighters Ben Askren and Tyrone Woodley.

During the biggest boxing training camp of his career, Jake Paul, who is preparing for UFC legend Anderson Silva, sat down to interview the Post about his future.

“When I got into the sport of boxing, I was like a human being. There’s no innovation here,” Paul told the Post. No. Everything was old.I just changed a few things and now I’m a top 3 boxer.I think with some tweaks and innovations I think we can go a long way in the world of the sport.”

From a life of YouTube sensation to full-time boxer to entrepreneur, Paul, 25, works over 70 hours a week and proves every day that the doubters can seem wrong.

Jake Paul
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Eddie Hahn and Jake Paul.
Eddie Hahn and Jake Paul.
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His latest venture, Betr, launched last week. This week they’re giving away Betr-themed jeeps. If you correctly guessed the first play (a run or a pass) in this Thursday’s Bills vs. Rams game, one commenter of his on Betr Instagram has a new car ahead of his NFL season opener between the Bills and Rams on Thursday. to get

This is just another way Paul puts a little twist on sports betting and sports media.

He rhetorically said: That’s what we want to do.

“We need short, consumable content that shows how the next generation of sports fans perceive shows and news.”

Innovation is our motivation. Between his betting side of the company, microsports, led by co-founder Joey Levy, and his media side, which Paul promotes, the two have had the opportunity to make headlines in the sports world.

Could he run a company and pursue a boxing career at the same time? What if you could microbet on his boxing matches?

As of now, it’s unlikely that it will get approval from the Gaming Commission.

Betr will start making real money bets in Paul’s home state of Ohio in 2023 and will take on Silva in October, making the next few months the busiest of his life. Silva in particular was the hardest test ever.

bet on sports?

And then there’s Nate Diaz on Saturday. High on Paul’s list of potential fights. Diaz is in the final round of his UFC contract after suffering a heavy +900 betting loss against Kamzat Chimayev.

When asked about the Diaz vs. Kimayev fight, Paul said:I intentionally made it the worst card because I want to show it to people [Nate] not sell. ”

Jake Paul knocks out Tyrone Woodley
Jake Paul knocks out Tyrone Woodley
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He continued:Very few tickets are sold [T-Mobile] arena. ”

Paul wants a fight with Diaz. It’s clear.

“I mean, who wouldn’t want to beat the man who beat Conor McGregor?” Paul said.

It will be the next three fights between Silva, Diaz and McGregor. The ideal way to prove to the world that he’s no fluke boxer.