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How to draw and post

Splatoon 3’s drawing feature is a fun way to connect with other players through fan art and humor, and posting is a very easy process.

one of the long traditions of Splatoon It means that players can draw their own drawings and share them publicly. splatoon 3 We carry on this tradition.walking around inside splatoon 3, other player characters can be approached and their drawings will be displayed on them. In addition, drawings can appear as graffiti all over the city.

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Drawing is a fun way to share memes and fan art, and some people just use it to write something. Any player can submit a drawing at any levelWhen drawing, pay attention to the rules and conventions. Players can report unfulfilled drawings splatoon 3 standard.

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How to draw and post

the drawing is red mailbox, located down the street from Hot Landis, where players purchase locker merchandise. Select the red mailbox and click Post. The game opens a menu for drawing. The controls to draw are:

  • The L and R bumpers adjust the thickness of the brush or eraser.
  • The button is to draw.
  • B button is delete.
  • ZL Bumper erases the latest brush strokes.
  • ZR restores the last erased part.
  • You can switch between vertical and horizontal dimensions with the Y button.
  • The brushing position is the L stick.
  • The plus sign is to post your art to Twitter or Facebook.
  • The minus sign is to save progress and exit.

Splatoon 3 drawing system rules

If you select a red mailbox, you have the option to view the posting rules and regulations. splatoon 3. Appears when you press the minus button. They basically lay out things players should never post. These include:

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  • Personal information such as address and phone number.
  • depiction of violence.
  • Copyrighted material.
  • marketing and commercials.
  • Words or images that may offend other players.
  • Anything contrary to public order and morals.

moreover, Players are warned against making false reports to other players. if splatoon 3 If a player is really breaking the rules, they can report it by interacting with the character and pressing the minus button. However, players can press “Fresh!” if they like the post. button. This makes the post a little more viral throughout the game.

What players often post

of Splatoon, many players stick to the content of the game for posting.That means a lot of fan art and writing Splatoon opinion. For example, many players draw their characters. Others post things like “Buff the Tri Stinger!” Or “I love rockers.”

another genre Splatoon Posts are humor and memes. Some even make jokes about real world news.The day before Queen Elizabeth died splatoon 3 Many players wrote jokes. splatoon 3Splatfest changes the game a bit. During Spatfest, most players post about which team they’re on and why.

splatoon 3 Available for Nintendo Switch.

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