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How to create illustrations in Google Docs

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Google Docs is a powerful word processing app that easily holds its own against competing programs. With so many text editing tools being added all the time, we all know that one of the main features of Google Docs is drawing tools for creating simple designs to go with your well-crafted text. Maybe not. Use this feature to create original diagrams or add custom shapes, charts, text, word art, and more.


If you think you’ll want to use it the next time you launch documentation, read on to understand how it works.

Drawing tools are only available in the web version of Google Docs. Not available for iOS or Android applications.

Create a drawing in Google Docs

Drawing is the easiest way to create simple diagrams and illustrations in Google Docs. We also say simple because its functionality is limited to shapes, word art, and basic graphics. Nevertheless, here’s how to do it:

  1. create new document in Google Docs. Alternatively, you can use the pre-made ones.
  2. Place the cursor where you want the drawing to appear.
  3. choose put in tab.
  4. Choose draw from options.
  5. click + new.

A checkerboard drawing window opens with a toolbar at the top and a drop-down[アクション]Image, text, line, and shape tools appear next to the tab.

Each option does what its name suggests. For example, you can create lines with the Line tool and add shapes with the Shape tool.

Using the tool reveals a few more customization options, such as line color, border thickness, and text font.

The action bar, on the other hand, has Google Docs features such as checking version history and downloading items.[ファイル]Contains common options found on the tab. It also includes common cut, copy, and paste operations and Word Art tools for creating great-looking, customizable text.

You can combine multiple tools to get different effects. For example, in some cases you might want to add word art over a shape or add text to a line. Once the drawing is complete, save and closeThe artwork is automatically inserted at the cursor position in the document.

If you want to make changes to the illustration, click on the illustration to select it. edit Return to the drawing board (pun intended).

Features of this nature would benefit from a stylus or pen for finer control. However, neither are supported. No matter what illustration you’re making, you’re limited to mouse controls.

Insert an illustration from Google Drawings

The built-in Docs drawing tools are limited. However, you can overcome this by opening the full Google Drawings service in your web browser app. It doesn’t give you anything like Corel Draw, but it does have some more useful options.

You get a full-page checkered drawing board to do all your doodles. The toolbar also expands to the default options that appear in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other Google apps,[ファイル],[編集],[表示],[挿入],[書式設定],and[ツール]Complete with tabs. Each contains the usual set of options.[ファイル]tab’s[共有],[新規],and[開く].[編集]Tab undo, redo, and copy and paste operations. and so on.

however,[挿入]The tab has a lot of new items as far as drawing options are concerned. Here you can add tables, charts and diagrams in addition to all the other options in the built-in tools.

The tool automatically syncs to Drive like any other Google product, so any changes you make are saved. This also means that when you’re done creating your illustration, you can simply close the Drawings and you’re done. Place your cursor where you want the drawing to appear, select it, and you can insert your finished work into your Google Docs. put in > draw > from the drive.

After selecting a drawing, you will be prompted to either link to the source or insert a plain and unlinked drawing.

Linking to the source gives collaborators direct access to the illustration in Google Drawings, and anyone with editing access can even change it. can do.

Add Flair to Google Docs with Drawings

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