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How Disney and HBO are creating new entertainment models (NYSE:DIS)

Los Angeles Premiere of New HBO Limited Series

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Every year, the television landscape changes. Sometimes it’s gradual, sometimes it’s drastic, but the fundamental barometer of the impact of that change is awards season.

It’s far from a perfect system, but it’s still worth it.

Part of the reason the awards race is flawed is because different groups all like to play their favourites. Because they’re the only group that has the option to continue to reward the same shows and the exact same people every year…and it’s an option they often do.

But what makes that imperfect scenario worthwhile is that when a show breaks through, it means something. free bag When Sitts Creek Sneak into the races and dominate – becoming cultural touchpoints in the process.

saw this year Abbott Elementary School When yellow jacket Slip into the mix. We weren’t running a table, but their mere presence in conversation is enough to get people’s attention.

And that’s the whole point of these award shows – to get people’s attention.

For consumers it’s the series itself’s notice, but for investors it’s the network’s notice.

They want to know which services simply move the needle and which services run the entire system.

It changes a lot, but after this year’s results, it looks like Disney (New York Stock Exchange: DIS) and Warner Bros. Discovery/HBO (NASDAQ: WBD) is not only winning, but it’s creating a new type of viewing pattern that’s highly beneficial to shareholders…in the wake of other companies’ declines.

First, as usual, some background.

This is one of those rare years when no one is a clear “loser” at the Emmys. Every network/service that’s been nominated for multiple top tiers has something to wear its hat to…even if it’s the nomination itself.

for example:

  • Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) may have fallen out of last year’s best drama awards, but it still has some high-level awards, including two. squid game… the first time a non-English series has won in both categories.
  • Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) continues to break records. Ted Russo maintained its dominance and won several big awards, including Best Comedy. It’s the first time a streaming service has won back-to-back awards for the same show.
  • Prime Video (NASDAQ:AMZN) hasn’t found another yet. Marvelous Maisel But that reality series Watch out for Lizzo’s big girls! spend a day in the real category, great race I have had it for years.

And it left Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery.

Notice I said Disney Differences between Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney+ and HBO Max – this is the difference.

These two companies trade on TV while others trade on streaming.

Let’s start with Disney, who saw both win dope chic When Drop out, two of the hugely hyped series from last season from Hulu.Also get 3 win credits Abbott Elementary School Numerous nominations, including two Best Comedy nods on ABC and for the FX roster.

That’s 3 networks and somehow it hasn’t even reached Disney+ who saw it Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers The Holocaust Set of the Movie Defeat HBO Max survivor Best TV Movie Award. It was the first time an animated (or partially animated) film had won this category, and it was Disney+’s best ever.

Disney is a very dangerous competitor, as they can score from multiple directions and actually come out victorious.

You can say streaming is the best and linear is lagging but remember Abbott FX collection premier as part of the traditional model. Abbott is broadcast (ABC) and FX is cable, both of which feed Hulu to provide content.

What House of Mouse is doing is building a new model of entertainment, a hybrid model, so it’s a must-see for investors.

The hybrid concept started during COVID, but has evolved since then. Originally meant a date/date release in theaters or streaming, but has now changed to something more valuable. means that you have

Broadcast, Cable, Premium, or Streaming – Disney ticks three of those boxes.

Other streamers I mentioned above – they check one.

Yes, Peacock and Paramount+ aren’t listed there and have multiple checkboxes ticked as well, but they’re not that heavy (for now) in the awards arena, their life cycle is still very young and their subscribers Few in number, their brothers still have a very traditional nature.

It’s not apples and apples.

And that’s not to say they don’t grow or can’t grow.

it brings us Warner Bros. Discovery ticked all four boxes perfectly and was launched by HBO.

What HBO has done brilliantly is blending its identity into HBO Max, so that HBO wins HBO Max wins and vice versa. Like Disney, it utilizes the same type of hybrid approach but makes brand association easier for consumers.

Emmy Award Winner Inheritance When white lotus Both have traditional (weekly) debuts on HBO and are simultaneously available for streaming, but they’re carving out a set linear time if you want a collective viewing experience.

That’s part of what’s holding Netflix down. It’s the lack of a shared experience. Being able to watch all at once means that consumers can watch as much as their schedule allows, and many find this convenient. However, it also puts everyone in a vastly different part of the story.

Having a set time once a week means it’s more manageable for many people, and means they don’t have to worry about screwing up about plot points for episodes later in the year. increase.

It’s important.

That’s why HBO is so strong. Sopranos, Game of Thrones Also sex and the city Finally, there’s more in the wings to restock the shelves. We trust this show and you should too.

And all that content is on HBO Max, with its own original hack When Flight attendant As well as the full WBD family of content including CW, TBS, TNT and TruTv.

Again, it’s a hybrid population.

Yes, the Emmys are flawed, but in that flawed system series Hux, Flight Attendant, Mandalorian, WandaVision And others are breaking through. This shows that if voters are forced to look elsewhere (if their favorite candidate doesn’t qualify), this is where they get their attention.

And it means something because it joins a list of highly exclusive programs.

Yes, the Emmys telecast was the least watched ever. Its nominees don’t always reflect what Americans really believe they see, but this is the game we’re playing in this industry. If you choose, you accept that these rules of engagement differ.

So until those rules are changed, the best way to be successful is to understand and decipher them.