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Homecoming Tribulation: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Removed From Homecoming | Entertainment

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America’s Greatest Homecoming takes place without another fraternity.

The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were removed from celebrating Cowboy’s Homecoming last week due to their actions against the men of Beta Theta Pie.

Several members of the SAE threw firecrackers into Beta’s pumping room last weekend, potentially damaging the room and its contents. No one was there at the time of the incident.

This is the first Homecoming dismissal for the fraternity in two years. In 2021, Alpha Tau Omega did not participate after the Kasumi Incident.

A Sigma Alpha Epsilon male was paired with an Alpha Delta Pi female not participating in this event.

SAE is no longer allowed to attend the famously decorated building known as America’s Greatest Homecoming, or any other Homecoming event during the week of October 16th.

The OSU Alumni Association has released a statement regarding the incident, expressing its support for the women of Alpha Delta Pi and their hope that they will continue to participate in the homecoming movement.

“The health and safety of all participants is of utmost importance during the Homecoming process,” the statement said. “Extensive Homecoming expectations regarding health and safety are frequently communicated to chapters and Homecoming leaders alike, and these practices are expected to be adhered to throughout the process. OSU Alumni, Students The Support and Conduct Office, Fraternity and Sorority Administration recognizes that students make mistakes and sometimes make decisions that are inconsistent with their personal values ​​and the expectations of the University. It is imperative that we reflect on these decisions and learn from them by holding them accountable.”

Will Cunningham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Homecoming Director, said he was disappointed that the actions of a few members had caused the entire chapter to be punished.

“Unfortunately for our family, there were only a few people responsible for this event,” said Cunningham. Ocory“Our chapter is currently working in our best interests with regards to punishing the individual above. To our knowledge, the Alpha Delta Pi females are seeking new pairings. It is an honor to be able to attend America’s Greatest Homecoming, and even if you can’t, we hope you will be able to attend.As regards our relationship with Beta Theta Pi, they are doing this with their class and open-mindedness. We have nothing but kind words to say about them as they have dealt with the situation.

Cunningham said SAE is exploring alternative event options for the walkaround evening.

“Our national charity, the Children’s Miracle Network charitable event is at the top of our list. It’s done for the time it will be on deck, unfortunately our chapter is trying to handle this situation as best we can and we’re still excited about the rest of the semester and school year.”

Alpha Delta Pi and OSU Alumni Association Ocory. Alpha Delta Pi is looking for new pairings and ways to continue to participate in Cowboy Homecoming. For more information about OSU Homecoming, visit