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High School Musical 2: A Misunderstood Masterpiece | Entertainment

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On Saturday, September 10, at Disney’s D23 Expo, it was revealed that members of the original cast of the High School Musical Trilogy will be appearing in High School Musical: The Musical: Series Season 4, students filming to hold. Fake High School Musical 4. Now that he’s one of the best Disney Channel casts back, let’s take a look back at his trilogy that started it all. Specifically, the best movie in the franchise.

High School Musical 2 aired on Disney Channel in 2007, a year after the original. , Unlike many of Disney Channel’s original films, High School Musical 2 has stood the test of time. The franchise became so popular that it created a Sharpay spin-off movie and his Disney+ sequel show to keep fans fed with content.

So why did the High School Musical franchise garner more attention than other Disney Channel original films?

High School Musical 2 follows the Wildcats, students of East High, as they search for summer jobs. Sharpay Evans, the main antagonist of the trilogy, gives series protagonist Troy Bolton a job at her family’s country club, Lava Springs. Sharpay’s plan is to use her family’s money and connections to bring Troy not just a great summer, but a great future. It may sound silly, but Sharpay is only doing this to steal Troy from his girlfriend Gabriella. I am following you to test.

The plot is simple and looks very Disney Channel-like, but High School Musical 2 does a great job of incorporating the wacky nature of many of these movies while setting a good tone when needed. . The emotional moments aren’t spoiled by side her character’s badly timed jokes. High School Musical 2 also contains strong themes. His one of those themes is his own inner struggle.

Throughout the film, Troy struggles to choose between the present and the future. Throughout the film we see Troy slowly lose himself and become something he doesn’t qualify for. I am thinking. In the first film, Troy is seen struggling with singing. Because that’s not what his friends and father want from him.

Troy stresses about his future and tries to do everything he can to ensure his success. In reality, Troy is ruining a relationship he cares about by staying away from his friends and Gabriella, the idea of ​​having a good future getting in the way of his already good present. Until Gabriella confides in Troy about his change, in one of his best songs of the series, “Gotta Go My Own Way,” Troy finds himself becoming someone he doesn’t recognize.

While many Disney Channel movies have the protagonist redeem himself to a love interest or friend through some kind of apology, High School Musical 2 takes it a step further. but you have to apologize to yourself. Troy must first listen to himself and what he wants. High School Musical 2 does this perfectly with Troy’s solo from the movie Bet On It.

The song’s first lyric alone says, “Everybody’s talking to me all the time. Everybody’s trying to get into my head. I want to listen to my heart. Rely on yourself instead.” We can see Troy come to realize that he needs to live for what he believes, not what he believes other people want. On It is an incredible representation of Troy’s growth on film and is one of the best, if not the best, Disney Channel movies.

Troy’s characterization throughout the movie is very well done, but he just can’t carry the movie on his own. Chad and Ryan are great examples of that. The two help each other fully accept who they are.

Up until this point, Ryan has been very aloof from the rest of the East High Wildcats and Chad has been very adamant about sticking to sports, not dancing. The two have a great duet titled “I Don’t Dance,” which is primarily intended to get Chad to express himself through dance. However, the song brings Ryan closer to the rest of the Wildcats. On the surface, the song looks like a fun way to get Chad to dance with everyone else, but its main purpose is to allow Chad to open up emotionally. This works well for Chad’s climax in the film, where he and Troy are able to rekindle their friendship through an emotional exchange.

High School Musical 2 has a great story, great characters, and great themes, but it wouldn’t be High School Musical without great music. Bet On It, I Don’t Dance, Gotta Go My Own Way are just a few of the songs that were brilliantly chosen in the movie’s discovery. What time is it? It is an intro song that excites the characters’ summer. Fabulous is a great Sharpay song that allows you to get to know the character and her intentions, and also to have that joyful good time. , shows that people are there for you even in difficult times.

At its core, High School Musical 2 is a fun kids movie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something worthwhile and have a good time. It’s always goofy, tacky, and sometimes childish, but that’s why it’s great.

If you haven’t seen High School Musical 2 yet, please do so. If you’ve already seen it, relive one of the greatest Disney movies of all time. Either way, you’ll have a great time, and you can bet on it.