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Florida A&M football fiasco reminds college sports to be professional sports

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Florida A&M Rattlers Head Coach Willie Simmons

Florida A&M Rattlers Head Coach Willie Simmons
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NIL is smart. “Amateur” athletes are not permitted to accept anything of monetary value for their sporting talent, other than entry fees to facilities that enable them to play on teams, and are properly housed and nourished. It was absurd to be able to play well given the .

Athletes work for schools. They can only attend classes at certain times and must keep their bodies in excellent condition so that they can generate money for their educational institution while wearing that color. It’s ridiculously expensive, so free tuition and room and board help, but it helps the school as much as it does the athletes. You cannot fill out a football roster.

What Happened to Florida A&M Over the weekend, it serves as a reminder that while college athletes are now free to take money, it’s not enough. increase. If college football is an amateur track and field sport, no one struck an eye when the FAMU football team first decided as a group not to move to his Hill in Chapel, North Carolina to play against North Carolina. must.

Due to compliance issues, FAMU lost 20 players. Only seven offensive linemen were eligible to play. Teams were informed of this information the night before the game. The players initially decided not to play. It was a reasonable decision. They were due to play soccer, a conflict sport, against a power-5 school with a limited roster, not because of injuries, but due to compliance issues, a significant percentage of the roster will play. I was not qualified.

FAMU coach Willie Simmons left it up to the players to decide whether to play or not, but they weren’t the only ones involved in the debate.simmons said statement After initially deciding not to play, the players came to the conclusion that they would participate in the game after discussions with university officials, including the president.

Why did FAMU’s leadership leave the decision to the players and why did they want to talk to them? There was a situation. If football wasn’t their job, it shouldn’t matter that they decided not to play. increase.

I don’t know what was discussed at those meetings.player wrote a letter After much thought and discussion, it was decided not for the club, but “for our families, teammates, classmates, passionate fanbase and coaches who prepared and loved us.” He said he decided to play. They also stated in the letter that they intended to kneel after the game at FAMU’s alma mater. Because they are not happy with their status as athletes at that school and are unhappy with how the news of ineligible players made the team look. Don’t blame them for what happened.

However, I am American. I know the value of her $450,000 and I know what the vast majority of organizations in this country are going to do to ensure they receive that money. Also, the fact that players enter the game and universities receive huge checks destroys the notion of amateurism. FAMU players played football games for money as all other Division I teams did in Week 0. Money is being exchanged for player services, whether it’s the Power 5 program that’s part of a major TV deal or the FCS school that needs a check to balance its budget. However, money is flowing from one cuffed hand to another, not to those who work and sweat while providing entertainment.

It took NIL too long to get into college sports, but thanks to you, we’re here now. This allows players to receive some sort of monetary reward for the work they do and the income they generate. Still, it’s not a cipher, HVAC companies Benefit from athlete training and performance. It’s school.If the Big Ten sign all these TV contract, the university president is quick to address the students when they feel uncomfortable playing football unattended. They are professional athletes.

They deserve more than sponsorship.