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Dr. Greg Shelley Named First Senior Director of Sports Leadership and Mental Conditioning at Cornell University

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Ithaca, New York — Dr. Greg ShelleyA nationally recognized professor, author, and speaker in the areas of leadership, team building, motivation, and sports psychology, he joined Cornell Athletic as its first Senior Director of Sports Leadership and Mental Conditioning. He has been a consultant to several Big Red teams over the past few years.

Dr. Shelley educates and trains student-athletes, teams, coaches and staff in the areas of leadership, motivation, team building, culture and character development, communication, conflict resolution, performance pressure management, resilience and mental toughness training. take on the task. As part of that role, he establishes a comprehensive leadership training program (Leadership Academy) that builds leadership skills from novice to captain to senior his leader.

Dr. Shelley collaborates with other campus partners to provide performance enhancement and mental conditioning skills training to student-athletes, teams and coaches, positively impacting the intercollegiate athlete and coach experience in and out of sports. , optimize.

The position of Senior Director of Sports Leadership and Mindset Conditioning at Cornell Athletics is made possible by the philanthropy of Robert ’70 BA ’72 MBA and Maura Dughi ’72 Human Ecology.

“We are proud to carry forward a three-generation family tradition of supporting Cornell Athletics. We share the high expectations of our Athletic Director. Andy Noel Bob and Maura Dugi comment on the positive impact Dr. Shelley’s role and contributions will have on the performance of current and future Cornell athletes and teams, as well as the leadership skills of the Cornell community at large.

In her most recent position at Ithaca College, Shelley was Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Athletic Training, specializing in sports psychology, leadership, team building and motivation. He also served as director of the Ithaca College Leadership He Academy, where he worked with over 300 student-athletes and 40 of his coaches a year.

Through his work as owner and operator of Rise Above Performance Consulting, Dr. Shelley has worked as a consultant to many college athletic departments, including directing or co-directing several Division I Sports Leadership Academy. In other ventures, he contributes to pioneering efforts to ‘crossover’ the application of sports psychology and mindset conditioning science to broader lifestyle behavior and habit modification protocols.

Dr. Shelley received a degree in psychology from the University of Nebraska in 1988 and a master’s degree in sports psychology from the University of Iowa in 1990. At university he graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy with an emphasis on sports psychology and the psychosocial aspects of sports. Born in Utah in 1997.