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Dave Bautista's Company Dogbone Signs First Look Deal With FilmNation – Deadline

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Exclusive: Film Nation Entertainment’s new filmmaking label, Infrared, is Dave Bautista’s (guardian of the galaxy) recently formed Dogbone Entertainment.

Infrared, led by Production President Drew Simon, and Dogbone Entertainment, run by Bautista, will focus on developing and producing features, many with Bautista’s participation.

The transaction was made by film nation By Alison Cohen, EVP of Entertainment for Business and Legal, and Jonathan Misner and Carl Austin, CAA Managers representing Dogbone Entertainment.

Simon and Bautista have worked together before my spy While Simon was at STX, film nation Sold internationally at Paul WS Anderson’s. in the lost land Starring Bautista and Milla Jovovich, based on a short story by George R.R. Martin. Bautista recently launched Netflix’s Glass onion: Knives out 2He is currently sand dunes Sequel to Denis Villeneuve, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Coming May 2023.

Infrared aims to make a mainstream film with franchise potential. The label plans to produce three to four mid- to high-budget films each year in the genres of action, thriller, comedy and science fiction.

Dogbone Entertainment was founded in 2022 by actor and producer Bautista. This film and TV outfit focuses on genre projects, but also delves into drama.

“Dave Bautista is a world-class entertainer and savvy creative, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to jump into producing with him and his team at Dogbone Entertainment. It’s been a pleasure working with you, and the process is just as fun and rewarding on screen as it is behind the scenes.

“On behalf of Team Dogbone, we couldn’t have had a better partner than Infrared.This is a huge opportunity for us and we are on track. I am very happy to be working with Drew Simon again, I have immense respect for him and look forward to working with him every second to bring a great story to the film,” Bautista added. I got

Bautista recently wrapped M. Night Shyamalan Knock at the Cabin For Universal with February 2023 theatrical release.Other recent films include Oscar winners sand dunes, Guardian When the avengers franchise, and Army of the DeadIn 2023, he plans to produce and star in a movie for Netflix. UnleashedHe also shoots MGM lethal weaponA Buddy Cop-esque sidekick comedy opposite Jason Momoa derived from Dave’s tweet – “Let’s throw this in the air and see what happens. lethal weapon A type buddy cop movie directed by David Leitch. Ok! there it is. Now we are waiting

Glen Basner’s FilmNation is well known for its excellent international sales business and the production of films that include Oscar winners. arrivalTIFF title good nurse and Channing Tatum starring dog.