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Colts can no longer blame Carson Wentz alone for underperformance

The Colts’ season ended a year ago against the Jaguars. Publicly, the team took the brunt of criticism for Carson, who claimed to be a buyer of Wentz’s fleece. When another veteran rental entered the bunker to find his quarterback, they didn’t hesitate to perpetuate that story. On a personal note, head coach Frank Reich spent the team’s final day at the facility asking coaches and players what they could personally do to make sure something like this never happened again. .

If you consider a pivot to Matt Ryan a panacea, there are two games to the Rude Awakening in Indianapolis. There, the Colts were held back by the Jaguars in a game eclipsed by three Ryan interceptions, and for the second week in a row, the Colts team, commonly believed to be the worst playoff contender, finished 10th in the division. Underperforming against him one of the worst teams. The Colts had less than 150 total yards and only his six first downs as the fourth quarter began on Sunday. Three drive spans in the first quarter gave the Colts a 1-yard offense. In one of the few legitimate whiffs in the endzone, Ryan was slammed to the ground on third down and forced to wander out of his pocket on fourth down, following a hopelessly hit pass on the backline of the endzone. I lofted.