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College Football Game, Week 3: Jimbo Fisher's Seat Warms Up at Texas A&M, Focuses on Oklahoma and Nebraska

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Hykeem Williams is behind the scenes at Texas A&M this week. That’s because it’s impossible to split Williams, a coveted wide receiver in the class of 2023, in two. After an unofficial visit to College Station in the state, No. 13 Miami (FL) comes to town.

Among his top five are Alabama, Georgia, Pittsburgh, and the Aggies and Hurricanes, who are battling it out at Kyle Field on Saturday. Williams is expected to make a decision within a week. It might be too easy to suggest that his decisions hinge on the outcome of the game, but Recruit never sleeps.

Jimbo Fisher has proven it in his fifth year at Texas A&M. At the same time, many of the Aggies programs seemed to nod.

Fisher’s seat is pretty hot after the mysterious home loss in Appalachia. No, he won’t be fired anytime soon, but Aggie Nation is starting to complain.

The school and its boosters did not pay all the money guaranteed… thisThe ubiquitous Aggie is wrapped in a ball of confusion. Even if Texas A&M wanted to fire Fisher, it would have had less than $50 million in debt without waiting until of his prominent lawyers in the southeast I took a picture of him on Twitter.

So did others. Fisher must own it. You can’t get all those millions and lose to App State. ever. But looking at last week’s movie, the basic conclusion was lack of preparation and effort: Texas A&M was his 18-point favorite. After seeing him score 61 in North Carolina, I had to warn him about the state of the app.

The Mountaineers went out and held the ball for 41 minutes, limiting the Aggies to 186 total yards. The App State running back cornered an elite SEC defender.

But these are college students, not robots. There was a drop pass by a Texas A&M receiver. Pass interference penalties in consecutive plays. The Aggies scored one offensive touchdown against a defense that just gave up 63 to UNC.

In fact, Texas A&M lost to App State twice. ESPN’s “College GameDay” moved to the Mountaineers campus for this week’s game against Troy instead of visiting College Station.

That is, the Aggies did not appear. it happens. Just ask Notre Dame and Marcus Freeman. It’s unclear how long it will take Fisher to fix it.

The fifth year results were disappointing. His two second-place finishes in the SEC West, one New Year’s Six Bowl game, and a big win over Alabama didn’t mean much. The Aggies are 5-3 since their win on October 9, 2021. Through 50 games, Fisher (35-15) has one better than his replacement Kevin Sumlin (34-16).

Most disturbing is the quarterback play. Fischer inherited his career path from his leader Kellen Mond. The backup that beat Alabama, Zach Calzada, now plays the same role at Auburn. Sophomore Haynes King is below par. If things go south against Kanes, don’t be surprised to see LSU transfer Max he Johnson.

Fisher was hired by Texas A&M as the national championship coach for Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston. If he is smart, he will immediately start selling the future.

That’s where Williams comes in. The Aggies’ disappointing start is all about hand-holding, but it’s all about recruiting. Fisher best class ever Earlier this year. Some of them have to play as true freshmen.

Whether or not they will do so remains to be seen, but it’s expected to contribute in 2023 and 2024. Imagine Williams and his 6-foot-3, 200-pound frame. Aggies must be reminded of that while heavily armed with the situation.

Texas A&M will have to show well on Saturday to avoid a 1-2 start. For the most part, it must indicate that Williams should be a part of what’s going on at College Station.

3rd week story

Georgia might actually be better: Until recently, the main conversation surrounding now has been whether the No. 1 Bulldogs can play up to the level of last season when they won the program’s first national title in 40 years. Dawgs started his SEC play in South Carolina and over the two weeks he gave only 1.5 points per game. Georgia (-24.5) has been featured on our last three visits to Columbia, South Carolina. Yes, quarterback Stetson Bennett is a serious contender for the Heisman Trophy.

Oklahoma Nebraska Must See: This is the first game in Nebraska since the dismissal of Scott Frost. Interim coach Mickey Joseph really, really, really wants the job. Players love him and he’s a great recruiter, but this can get complicated.Joseph’s only head coaching experience was with Langston (2011-12), his small NAIA school in Oklahoma. was. If Nebraska wins Saturday, goes running, and gets into a bowl game (all it takes is his 6-6), how do you deny Joseph any serious consideration?

Further complicating matters is the presence of Urban Meyer. He once confessed to touring the campus “in disguise” in a game-day atmosphere. If it weren’t for that, well, all, he would be an ideal replacement. It’s doubtful Nebraska will hire him, but with Mayer on campus with Fox in Lincoln, Nebraska, the whole scene is going to be top notch.

From the early 1970s to the late 1980s, the two teams competed annually for the championship in what was once called the Big Eight. 6th Oklahoma (-11) may be a heavy favorite, but that line is dropping full touchdown From -17 since Frost’s firing.

BYU’s CFP? The No. 12 Cougars have officially become the bait of the College Football Playoffs after their big win over the No. 17 Baylor. BYU’s schedule definitely gives us a chance to finish in the top four. If Baylor continues to win, he will support his BYU case, which could also include Saturday’s wins at No. 25 in Oregon, Stanford, Boise State University and Notre Dame Cathedral (Las Vegas). Oregon’s Bo His Knicks are 3-11 as a starter against top 15 teams, and he has 8 career touchdown passes and 13 interceptions.

There’s a reason for state nepotism laws. Iowa enters Week 3, the final 131st (last on FBS) in the all-out attack. You probably know that junior youth soccer teams scored more points than Hawkeye (7). If you’re questioning the line against Nevada this week, you’re way ahead of me. Iowa is his 23.5-point favorite and has an offense that has scored a total of 14 points over two games.

Coach Kirk Ferencz goes into that game with little, if any, change to the offensive starter on the depth chart. This includes quarterback Spencer his Petras (45% success rate, his 3.9 yards per attempt). His 55 FBS running accredited by NCAA stats His back has a better yards-per-carry average than Petras’ yards-per-pass. Note that Ferenc hasn’t even changed his offensive coordinator yet. His son, Brian Ferencz, leads the force.

Ireland’s eyes are weeping: Especially on a defense that allows one more point (27) than Notre Dame gave up last week (26), maybe California is better than the Marshalls? Do you think backup quarterback Drew Pine (39 career passes) is humming to fill in for an injured Tyler Buchner? North Carolina, BYU and Stanford are next. The Irish may be looking 2-4 halfway through the season at best.

Fresno Referendum: The No. 7 USC in Oregon on September 24th is shaping up to be the first big Pac-12 showdown of the season. The Beavers (vs Montana) won his 19th non-conference road game to date in Fresno State. The baton passes to USC, which hosts the Bulldogs this week. The Trojans are on the verge of greatness as he is one of 12 teams that have yet to turn the ball over. But to continue believing in their potential, they’ll have to stop looking like Oklahoma under Lincoln Riley.At last week’s game against Stanford, USC gave up his 441 yards and a penalty cost him Committed 109 yards.

Suggestions for Bobby Petrino’s return to Arkansas: (1) A Missouri coach could enter Razorback Stadium on a loud, fast Harley-Davidson just like Oregon’s Paddles do at Autzen Stadium. (2) Arkansas should sign a game sponsor for Neck Brace. Anyway… until Sam Pittman’s recent rise to No. 10 Arkansas has spent much of the past decade recovering from Petrino’s shenanigans I was. With the Razorbacks he was the first coach in 34 years where he achieved 11 wins, also from 2012 to 2021 he sent the program into a spiral where he won only 3 of his seasons. Responsible.

Quick kick: As long as Nebraska jobs are open, App State’s Sean Clarke, who is 21-8 in his fourth season, could be added to the list of contenders. If he can win in the mountains of North Carolina with a 3-star player, just think what he could do with that Big Ten recruitment… No. 1 (Alabama) is in the AP Top 25 (Texas) entered the rankings for the first time since 1997. At the time, Nebraska dropped from 1st to 3rd after defeating Missouri in overtime, where he moved to 25th place… yet he has eight FBS his team only flips. Alabama and Notre Dame are two of them. …Those betting on his performance in his first 500-yard passing game and his 200-yard rushing this season will keep their tickets. Through his 276 games this season, there have been no such games by individuals.