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Cannabis Franchise Coming to Middleville

Products on display at The Botanical Co.’s Tawas location. The Middleville location he plans to open in October. Photo via

The Grand Rapids cannabis industry continues to expand and diversify.

The Botanical Co. Middleville will open in October, the company said Sept. 15. The Botanical Co. is a Lansing-based marijuana franchise with stores in Middleville headed by his Jarred Biggs, Dennis Weiss and Kirk Weiss.

The 33-year-old Biggs, the project leader, said The Botanical Co. is one of two outlets selected for cannabis businesses in Middleville. Biggs said his retail store will include adult and medical products.

“I am very excited to make a difference within the village and really help provide jobs and opportunities in the area,” said Biggs. Emphasize helping customers become educated by educating them about their options.

“We designed the space to provide comfort and a unique shopping experience that caters to the cannabis-related needs of our community.”

Biggs has been in the cannabis industry for over 12 years as a state licensed caregiver since 2010. He became a medical user of cannabis as a result of an injury he sustained in a car accident while in high school, which was aggravated by football.

He combined his passion for the health benefits of marijuana with a degree in business from the University of Davenport to become a serial cannabis entrepreneur. His first business will be home to a vertically integrated business at Big Canna, his 2,000 cannabis plant facility in Edmore. He also has a growing facility under construction in Manistee.

These growing facilities will be available in Michigan and California by early October and will contribute to Pablo, a national retail brand featured as a staple of The Botanical Co. Middleville.

Along with Biggs and colleagues, Grand Rapids entrepreneurs and investors Jonathan Jelks and Willie Jackson are involved in a number of initiatives, including: Ambiance Kitchen & LoungeSing Coffee & Cocktails, Motu Viget Spirits, Motu Lakeshore Wine Baris also part of the team.

Jelks said The Botanical Co. is one of the most innovative and “best kept secrets” in the Michigan cannabis industry, and he’s excited to bring the concept to Western Michigan with Biggs and other partners. said.

“We are very excited to partner with a unicorn millennial talent, entrepreneur and visionary named Jared Biggs,” Jelks said in a release. “His innate knowledge of the cannabis industry, from his understanding of science and botany to what it takes to create the highest quality product, and his keen insight into the consumer market, made us believe in this project. I wanted to participate.

“What Jared and Kirk were building before we signed is an innovative and fresh look at a highly saturated and highly competitive industry.”

Founded by Russ Chambers in 2019, The Botanical Co. has three locations: Tawas, Kalkaska and Lansing.