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Can the Mets postpone the brace in the NL East?

Good morning, my name is Kevin Sweeney. The Mets are good, and more importantly… are they normal?

Today at SI:AM:

⚾ Has the Mets finally crossed the road?

🙌 Mario Cristobal’s biggest test in Miami

🏈 Chief sneaks past Charger

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Is it time for the Mets?

Mets fans have endured years of ugly years. all It seems more difficult than necessary. But the new regime, starting at the top under the ownership of Steve Cohen and ending with no-nonsense manager Buck Showalter, has brought a level of stability and capability to the organization that has not been seen in a long time. Money spent on major acquisitions such as Max Scherzer and Francisco Lindo, combined with a more stable hand to run the day-to-day show, will give the Mets this year the always-frustrating team of decades past. They are hardly similar.