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Big Raiders fan and singer Boaness Alexander De Leon tailgates in Oakland, Las Vegas

Alexander DeLeon has been tailgating the Raiders since he was two or three years old. His first memory is waking up in the stadium parking lot after his hour-long trip to Auckland. His dad picked him up from his bed and wrapped him in a blanket so he could sleep in the car. DeLeon, 33, was born and raised in Las Vegas, but his father lived in Northern California. (He describes the Raiders’ move home as “the best news ever, apart from staying in Oakland.”)

At the tailgating lot, DeLeon remembers always waking up to music (usually Bay Area hip-hop and classic rock). So, of course, is the food, which is heavily influenced by the strong Hispanic culture that exists in Auckland. Deleon describes himself as half-Mexican-Hispanic, and his father would bring a barbecue to each tailgate, and each time he would grill a variety of dishes such as asada and chorizo.

Over the years, Deleon has come to recognize some of the more famous and ever-present Raiders fans. He soon learned that beneath their terrifying, often villainous costumes, Raiders fans were actually the warmest, friendliest, most passionate people in the NFL.

“All these amazing fans who almost felt like celebrities, like my version of Disneyland,” says Deleon. I’m about to meet some cool Raider fans.”