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Beer: drawing fair results

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Mick Beale felt that the share of the booty was a fair reflection of the game after QPR’s side played a scoreless draw with Stoke City at Loftus Road.

Stefan Johansen, Ethan Laird, Kenneth Paar and Ilias Chea all had chances for an R, but the Potters pressed hard for a penalty in stoppage time.

“It was a strong championship game,” said Beal.

“They brought a lot of power, good organization and a good game plan. They frustrated us in the first half. I could see the taka accurately.

“I responded by changing the form a bit in the second half and really aimed for it.

“It was either the game has quality moments or it makes bad mistakes.”

“As a home team we are a little frustrated tonight, but given the balance of play, I thought a draw was probably the right thing to do.”

Lyndon Dykes was introduced at half-time as Beale added firepower in the second half, with Beale explaining:

“We decided to do it at half-time and I thought it gave the game a real boost. It felt like we played most of the second half in the other half.”

A visitor’s appeal for a spot kick was overruled by the referee in the second half, with Beale conceding:

“Their benches have been raised, and mine has been raised. I haven’t seen it again, so I’ll have to watch it again.

“We had a big week. We went to Millwall and won Stoke at home, scored four and kept two clean sheets.

“Weirdly, we’ve been chasing a clean sheet all season and now we’re on two wins in a row.

“With this result we are in the top six and I think we will be happy to make all the changes and go into the international break this summer.

“We know we will be stronger as the season progresses.”

Biel once again praised R’s fan support on the emotional day of W12, when the club commemorated the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“The fans have been great,” he said. “I think they applauded all the way through because they were behind the team. I think they’re happy with what they’re seeing in terms of effort.”

Before the match, Johansen and Stoke skipper Lewis Baker laid a wreath in memory of the Queen, and there was a perfectly observed minute’s silence before the national anthem was played.

“The expressions of support for the Queen have been fantastic at every stadium,” said Beale.

“It’s been a heartwarming week and we must not forget that family comes first. Yes, we know it’s the Queen, but she’s also someone’s mom, someone’s grandmother. It must have been a really bad time for their family.The only thing they can get from this is love from all over the country.”

As a result, I’m happy to be in the top six and enter the international break.

Mick Beale