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Barstool Sports continues to disrupt the media industry with a new approach to live events, sports and entertainment

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New York – (business wire)–2023 will mark the 20th anniversary of Barstool Sports, Inc., and to celebrate this milestone, we will be launching lots of new content for our over 100 million fans. To further enhance the company’s creativity, influence and impact on Generation Z audiences, it announced seven new shows, five new live events and a new NIL Marketplace for college athletes and creators.

These announcements were made at the company’s pre-2023 presentation on Wednesday, September 14th at Webster Hall in New York City. Variety show-style events include KFC Radio just celebrating its 10th anniversary, #1 sports podcast Pardon My Take, #1 hockey podcast Spittin’ Chiclets, Chicks in The Office, one golf podcast Fore Play, Out & About, Mean Girl Pod, BFF’s, PlanBri, The Yak and more. The event culminated in a live charity auction held on his Whatnot, a live shopping platform, with all proceeds going to the Crisis Text Line, which provides free, anonymous, real-time support to people in crisis. Donated.

In addition, Barstool CEO Erika Ayers Nardini and founder Dave Portnoy shared plans for the company to further expand its reach among the hard-to-reach demographic of the 18-34 year-old and the unrivaled ability to power the brand’s products. We talked about influence. Nardini and Portnoy report that Barstool’s earnings have increased by 3650% over the past six years. This year alone, she has increased her workforce by 42%. They highlighted how Barstool leverages his audience across all social platforms to deliver his partnerships with high ROI brands, including his 27 billion video views across content. And according to a recent audience survey, he shared that 58% of listeners have purchased a product after hearing it advertised on her Barstool podcast. Barstool closed the show by looking at what’s next for the company as it approaches its 20th anniversary.

“Barstool is the most influential digital media brand in the country,” explains Erika Ayers Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports. “Our audience is a true fan of barstools and the franchises we build. Deep engagement and connection with our audience base drives products for brand partners that no other media company can match. 92% of Brand Partners are not only renewing, they are increasing their annual spend by 27%, and we look forward to continuing to expand our reach as we celebrate our 20th anniversary.”

Barstool’s key areas of growth and innovation from the end of 2022 to 2023 include plans to:

  • Add new talent and expand content from fan-favorite franchises and personalities.

    • Pat Beverly Podcast: Fresh out of a trade to the LA Lakers, Patrick Beverly will launch a new podcast with Barstool personality Rone in October.

    • Barstool lighter cup: Assorted barstool talent — Dave Portnoy, the guys from Fore Play, Biz & Whitney from Spittin’ Chiclets, Big Cat & PFT from Pardon My Take, and more — in an epic team golf tournament filled with commentary and behind-the-scenes content Compete.

    • Please excuse my take documentary: Fans will get an unprecedented look at the history of the #1 sports podcast, Pardon My Take (PMT), and the real-time transition of the PMT crew as they travel from New York to Chicago.

    • takequake thursdays: PFT Commenter (Co-host of Pardon My Take) Each week, he launches his own show analyzing the NFL’s best takes, boldest picks, and biggest stories.

  • Double Your Reality Show Offers:

    • 2022 saw a surge in reality programming on Barstool, with four shows reaching over 25 million views. The new reality slate for 2023 is full of creativity, humor, epic twists and, of course, competition including newcomers.

      • crash or cache – Ria & Fran takes 16 singles to tropical locations to build relationships, overcome challenges, and finally see who wants love and money.

      • bar stool elite – Co-hosted by Barstool personalities Jeff Lowe and Rone, 16 Barstool employees live in one house, face daily obstacle courses, and try to avoid elimination for a chance to become Barstool’s Elite AthElite. increase.

      • Briarity House – BFFs Brianna Chickenfry and Josh Richards take over LA, mentoring social media upstarts in their quest to find the next big star.

      • dozen extreme – The popular game show franchise, The Dozen, mixes nostalgic ’90s game show challenges and trivia to spice things up and take XTREME on your quest to be crowned Dozen Xtreme Champion.

      • Surviving bar stool – Back in Season 3, eight Barstool employees battle each other with the goal of surviving a week in Barstool’s office.

      • Barstools vs America – The Barstool Road Trip competition is back for Season 3. His two teams of bar stool personalities take on greater challenges in new cities across the United States.

      • The Most Dangerous Game Show – Barstool’s eight employees are once again plucked from their offices to survive in the wilderness and face their greatest fears.

  • Interfering with live sporting events:

    • NYPD vs FDNY Charity Hockey Game: For the first time, Barstool Sports’ Spittin’ Chiclets will take over the air and exclusively stream the 49th Annual FDNY vs. NYPD Charity Hockey Game at UBS Arena on April 15th.

    • Barstool Sports Invitational: Barstool will exclusively produce and broadcast the first men’s college basketball tournament, the Barstool Sports Invitational, from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA on November 11, 2022. Early season matchups will be between Akron, Mississippi, Toledo and the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

    • Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl: Barstool will exclusively broadcast and program the Arizona Bowl on December 30, 2022. Now coined the “Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl,” this college football experience features top talent Dave, Dan, Caleb and Rone calling the game and providing fans with a hilarious and fun experience. .

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