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Another food-tech startup promises to scale up precision fermentation-derived cheese

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This Paris-based company manufactures casein with precise fermentation to produce cheese that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, without environmental or animal welfare concerns.

Led by Astanor Ventures, with participation from PeakBridge, Seventure Partners, Big Idea Ventures and Good Startup, the €12 million funding round will fund the next phase of the company’s development and expand it to meet industry demand. Used to scale technology.

Completed within two years of creation, the round will also be used to finalize processed products and begin the regulatory process. Frederic Paques, CEO of Standing Ovation, told FoodNavigator that the company is looking to “capture food companies around the world and rapidly roll out commercialization to leverage existing distribution and sales channels.” said that it is developing a B2B model for “We position ourselves as a product provider, not a technology provider.”he explained. “The first product in our pipeline is casein, with B2B, ingredient branding and models aimed at commercialization in 2024. We plan to expand and move down the value chain.”na

The company wants to explore casein to get a true replica of its cheese products, with a focus on fresh and soft cheeses. It says it has developed a protein production process that enables the development of alternatives to dairy and dairy products.