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550-acre entertainment compound is on Indiana's most expensive list

“There’s an oak tree so big it could take a whole arm. When they were first developing the land, they were trying to come up with a name,” the listing agent explains. Kara Hinshawwith Key Associates Signature Realty.

“You might think it’s a farm with lots of trees or a farm of trees, but it’s not,” Hinshaw explains.

According to the agent, a five-year-old said, “Dad, can you call it Big Tree Farm because it’s a big tree?”

Huge spreads also come with big price tags. Big Tree Farm is Indiana’s most expensive property at $47.9 million.

The property is located in Santa Claus, known for its holiday themes, including a theme park, museum, and post office.


Helicopter shot





This country retreat has over 50,000 square feet of interior space.


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A compound is a creation. B. Edward Ewinga business leader who grew up nearby and is known for turning companies around.

“He created a place like this not only as a place for family gatherings, but also for the owners to host charitable and corporate gatherings,” explains Hinshaw.

fun barn


game room


Garage and car showroom



Details from the realtor:

Ewing purchased its first 100 acres more than 35 years ago and has continued to grow, according to Hinshaw.

“It was a party hall or a barn, or whatever you want to call it,” she says.

The three-story log house is the latest addition completed in 2003.

“He wanted a very comfortable home where people could sit and relax when they visited,” Hinshaw explains.

Inside, there are 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, all reminiscent of a classic log lodge with a huge stone fireplace and chef’s kitchen.


guest house

guest room

guest bath

There are also two guesthouses, the larger one with an unusual name.

Ewing calls it ‘stables’ because he told people all over the world to stay at the stable stalls,” Hinshaw explains with a laugh.

In fact, the horse-themed guest suite is named after the Kentucky Derby winner and modeled after New York’s opulent Four Seasons Hotel.

The ‘stables’ are located near the pool pavilion, fire pits, tennis courts and trails near one of the many lakes on the property.

Another building once contained Ewing’s car collection. It is now a climate-controlled open space with diner-themed rooms.

All structures are for entertainment purposes.

“The party barn holds 600 guests. The diner holds 150 guests,” says Hinshaw.


Fire pit and seating area

pool area

All buildings are part of a fenced and gated lot.

“Most people in Santa Claus are never behind a white picket fence. increase. “There is still a lot to develop if anyone wants to do it. Originally it was a cornfield and soybeans.

Santa sightings are most likely to occur in the Town of Santa Claus, but due to other activities, the compound is only about a three-hour drive from Nashville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati.

“Everything is great, especially in Southern Indiana like a resort you wouldn’t expect and it’s privately owned,” says Hinshaw. “You’ll be in awe when you walk in. Everything is immaculate….just amazing. You have to see it.”


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