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3 Points From FC Dallas Drawing The San Jose Earthquake

FC Dallas tied first-year manager Nico Estevez with a 1-1 draw with the San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday night, securing a place in the playoffs.

The game didn’t go so well as San Jose was already out of playoff contention, but there were a few notable things from the playoff clinch draw.

the place is fixed

Let’s discuss the key elements of this issue. FC Dallas was back in the playoffs Saturday night despite a so-so effort on the field. Estevez was proud of his team’s efforts that night as they showed that they can deliver results in tough environments.

After the game, Estevez said: “I’m happy to have achieved one of the goals I set at the beginning of the season. “Today’s game reflected how difficult it is to play anywhere in this league. Yes and it has benefited us.The work and the achievements that this club has done is difficult and the players should be very proud.All the hard work that this team has shown in today’s game. And I’m proud of our perseverance. Getting the points that secure the playoffs is something we defend and keep with everything we’ve got.”

I mean, yeah, they should be proud of this result. Just ask the LAFC for him who was eliminated in San Jose just a few weeks ago.

Still, the effort that night was all over FC Dallas. The lack of Jesús Ferreira from the beginning was part of the problem. According to the broadcast, he came into the match feeling unwell, but emerged from the bench in the closing stages. His arrival on the field saw him ignite no fire on offense at all as he struggled to fire his shots (nine total, only three on target). In a way, this always felt like it was going to draw more than anything else.

San Jose causes chaos

As mentioned above, San Jose is not a great team, but it really annoys the living crap out of anyone they play. Kikanowicz goes with the ever-dangerous Jeremy Evovis. If you can break through their offensive line and find a hole in midfield, they’re pretty easy to break. Dallas did it a few weeks ago in Frisco when he lost 4-1. Last night, it wasn’t.

What we saw in Dallas’ defensive end was Jose Martinez, Marco Farfan, Nkosi Tafari, Edwin Serillo and Emma Tumasi winning more possessions under constant pressure. This pulled Sebastian Leggett and Paxton Pomical back into the defensive line, and with Ferreira not in the lineup, Franco Jarra also had to sit further down. As we all know, Jara is not the right person to run for 90 minutes in a sprint like he is in this game.

It wasn’t until the second half that Dallas began to control the pace of the game. However, despite the extra possession, goal chances never really came. Only Arriola attempted a goal in the second half, and no one took a shot after the 60th minute. That’s not what a team is expected to do during a 30-minute trip.

Speaking of Ariola, the late red card is a big hit. If Alan Velasco isn’t fit enough to be out in a few weeks, Estevez may need to get serious about his reserves to fill the void in Arriola’s suspension.Maybe more Bernard・Kamungo? It could all depend on whether he’s still used by North Texas SC, and also how the playoffs run.

To secure home field advantage

With two games to go, FC Dallas continues to control its own destiny. They have him in second place, five points behind Austin, and at the moment he is three points behind third-placed Nashville.

“The best way to prepare for the playoffs is to train and play hard every time,” said Estevez. These last two games are very important as we prepare for the playoffs.”

Honestly, I don’t think this team will beat Austin in the last two games, but I think they’ll stay in third place with Colorado and Kansas City as the last two opponents. Colorado still holds faint hopes of a playoff chance, but given that they don’t have a game on hand against the team they’re trailing, they’re likely to drop a few (as Sporting did this weekend). Time to see them in a week.

But with an international break coming up, Dallas will have to find a way to avoid flattening out like it did in June following a break from playing. While away on national team duties in Europe, they have a late-season friendly against Tigres UNAL to help keep their roster fresh.