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Success of Traction Inverter Adopting Gallium Nitride Chip Technology

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Hofer Powertrain has chosen the most future-proof chip technology, developing new multi-level power electronics using D3GaN (Direct Drive D-mode), a gallium nitride chip technology from VisIC Technologies, for a modern drivetrain needs and break down efficiency barriers. The efficiency and power density of the new solution exceed the capabilities of silicon-based technology and have been successfully tested in the latest tests. The new 3-level GaN (Gallium Nitrite) inverter proves its powerful capabilities on the test bench, significantly increasing switching speed, reducing package size and weight, and reducing overall system cost has been confirmed.

Gallium nitride semiconductors are the key to improving efficiency and extending the range of electrified vehicles. Hofer Powertrain and his VisIC Technologies Ltd. aim to develop gallium nitride-based power inverters for electric vehicles, achieving breakthroughs in gallium nitride technology for his 800V battery systems in the automotive industry. . For more information, see the IDTechEx report on Advanced Electric Vehicles 2020-2040.