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Brillouin Energy Hydrogen Hot Tube (HHT) technology achieves a performance breakthrough

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Brillouin Energy Corp. Announces Breakthrough in Performance of First Portable HYDROGEN HOT TUBE™ (HHT™) Test System

Achieving these key performances represents a major step forward in the commercialization journey of the innovative LENR technology for hot water boiler and hot water heating manufacturers. “

— David Farshine

BERKELEY, Calif., USA, Aug. 8, 2022 / — The company will demonstrate net positive power from its HHT boiler at the ICCF24 Solid State Energy Summit.

Brillouin Energy Corp. demonstrates breakthrough performance such as net positive power through walls, steady state operation, and heated water for the first portable HYDROGEN HOT TUBE™ (HHT™) test system demonstrated with ICCF24 solid-state energy announced. summit.

The company’s first portable HHT test system has demonstrated over 250 watts of heat in water with a 1.25x excess heat ratio from off-wall steady-state power while running a small Stirling engine. The implied excess heat ratio exceeded 3-fold at the inner catalytic rod level. A short video of the demonstration can be seen here: Brillouin’s ICCF24 Demonstration.

Brillouin Energy Corp Chief Financial Officer David Firshein said: The performance level of five other HHT test systems in our Berkeley Labs that have been in operation for a long time matches the performance level. “

Enthusiasm for solid-state fusion energy technology is gaining momentum, with nearly $5 billion invested in high-temperature fusion over the past 12 months. A new generation of scientists, engineers, investors and business executives are investigating, developing and investing in new solid-state fusion energy devices. Brillouin Energy is a pioneer in this field with his proven HHT system.

In July, the HHT test system consistently demonstrated a key performance trifector of steady-state operation of net positive power, measured by heating water. This combination serves as a commercial proof of concept. The company’s “water flow calorimetry” effort is the simplest yet most definitive test tool for demonstrating LENR overheating during operation. HHT performance continues to improve with further investments in engineering and manufacturing processes.

Brillouin Energy’s HHT is optimally designed for successful commercialization. It uses the company’s patented Q-Pulse technology to control HHT heat output. This is important for scaling multiple commercial product applications. As such, the company will join the US Department of Energy’s LENR’s ARPA-E teaming partner list.

“We have partnered and collaborated with reputable experts from prestigious academic institutions, laboratories and companies in the United States to further prove the production of completely harmless ultracold and ultraslow neutrons. It will help further accelerate the commercialization timeline, said Robert Godes, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Brillouin Energy.

About Brillouin Energy Corp.

Brillouin Energy is a clean technology company based in Berkeley, California, USA. The company collaborates with a former senior scientist at SRI International to develop his unique, patented HHT technology. This pollution-free, low-cost, renewable energy technology can generate thermal energy for multiple commercial product applications.

For more information about Brillouin Energy, its current Series C round of funding for accredited investors, commercial licensing opportunities, or this news release, please contact our Chief Financial Officer at +1-415-419-6429 or Please contact David Firshein at

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