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The United States and Israel outline a strategic alliance in science and emerging technologies.Hogan Lovells

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Following President Biden’s visit to Israel, the United States and Israel announced a new strategic technology partnership in pandemic preparedness, including disease surveillance, early warning and rapid response. Artificial intelligence for optimization in transportation, medicine and agriculture. Addressing climate change, including water, waste, and clean and renewable energy technologies. Scientific exchange programs in quantum computing and other fields.

strategic partnership

On July 13, during President Biden’s multi-day visit to Israel, President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Rapid announced a new strategic technology partnership. Alliances announced between the US and Israel are in the following areas:

  1. Pandemic preparedness – Investigating joint technology R&D ventures, including technologies for disease surveillance and early warning, and rapid medical response (within 60-90 days).
  2. climate – Promote just climate solutions (water reuse, solid waste management, clean and renewable energy, etc.), with a primary goal of developing tools that can impact the global climate crisis joint R&D ventures and/or technology deployments for;
  3. artificial intelligence – Cooperation on AI technology in transportation, medicine, agriculture, regulation, and public sector ethics.When
  4. quantum – Cooperation in the field of quantum information science.

The partnership will operate in an inter-agency format, with annual meetings held alternately in both countries, with the first meeting to be held in Israel this fall. A strategic high-level dialogue on technology will be established by the two countries’ National Security Advisors. This indicates that this is an issue of supreme strategic importance for both countries.

Read the full US-Israel joint statement here.

Israel’s role as an innovation ecosystem

The joint statement calls for the United States and Israel to find creative solutions to unprecedented global challenges by expanding their innovation ecosystem, advancing emerging technologies, and promoting a common agenda in the global arena. I promised.

Before this partnership with Israel, it should be emphasized that the US has only three similar partnerships in the AI ​​and quantum space with the UK, Australia and Japan. This demonstrates Israel’s economic resilience and its status as a leading country in the field of technology and innovation. Israel ranks among the top five in the world for startups per capita and venture funding per capita, making Israel widely recognized as a global hub for technological and scientific innovation.

In announcing the strategic partnership, Prime Minister Rapid said: It will bring new opportunities to Israel’s high-tech sector. “

next step

The announcement of a strategic alliance sets expectations for future announcements regarding the implementation of the alliance, including the form of such cooperation and the resources to be invested in such projects.

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